01-08-2019 Bigg Boss Tamil 3 1st August 2019 Vijay Tv Show: Written Updates

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A new promo for Bigg Boss Season 3 has been released, as Gavin says he will somehow send him home next week. Like yesterday’s episode, today, Bigg Boss has decided to leave Gavin, Laslia and Sakshi Matter. It’s the same grinded flour in all three promos released today. Nothing new. Unlike the first two promos, only Gavin speaks. Gavin says that if he is not there this week, he will nominate himself next week and send him home. Sakshi returns as usual. Laslia gets angry and gets up from there.

Got bored The same scenes repeatedly bored us. When they see the goings-on, they are going to splash out of the Bigg Boss house. So much so that they could not afford the laundry at Bigg Boss in the name of love and friendship.

Scolding netizens As usual, the netizens have started planning Kavin, Sakshi and Laslia. Someone scolded Sakshi in this tweet. Julie has said over 100 times that Sakshi’s look.

Sakshi in the grass makeup The fan questioned Sakshi by posting a photo of him saying how sad it is and the grass is on the map. Not only Sakshi, but also Lazlia, who is unusually good today. He asked the question that came to our mind.

Kamal Hasan just resolved Nattishan has said that Kamal should come and settle the issue. Kamal says he must save Kavi from Sakshi. However, it is not surprising that Kamal made a short film and suddenly spoke out against Gavin.

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