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Sandy, who is present at the Bigg Boss event, has hosted a guest host, Mira Mithuni.

The Bigg Boss show is in the final stages. With the Bigg Boss event closing next week with Pinelle, the last Bigg Boss competitors have been given the opportunity to return to the Bigg Boss home.

Meera Mithun, Reshma, Mohan Vaidya and Fatima Babu came to the house of Bigg Boss. They gave away prizes to the contestants at the Bigg Boss home.

In this case, the third episode for today’s episode has been released. Meera Mithun is doing the same yoga that she had done earlier.

Sandy sits beside the brush. Following this, Meera Mithuni Bola shakes hands and tears up the yoga she does.

Mira Mithun, who suddenly looks into the eye, is terrified of Sandy’s face. This is followed by the bathroom cleaner in the bathroom door with Sandy, Kakusee Balapunnu akudu you are not agatiya .. Open the mouth, Meera chases Mithun. This is the third promo.

Losliya is not shown in this promo. Seeing this, Nattisans, good job Julie Lasliava Katalla .. Super Editor.

With the 100th anniversary of the Bigg Boss show reaching its peak, the Bigg Boss house has been rallying as the Atom Bottom Concert. The Bigg Boss Season 3 show on Vijay TV started last June. The event, which began with the top 15 competitors, met with one competitor over the next two days and one competitor in the Wild Card Entry. With a total of 17 competitors, four of them qualified for the finals. Muken has already won a golden ticket and qualified for the finals.

Following him, Kamal announced last Sunday that Sandy, Losliya and Sherin had qualified for the finals. Following this, Muken, Sandy, Sherin and Losliya await the final.

He brought home the old rivals to celebrate the finals. In yesterday’s episode, they all celebrated together with the housemates as the Atom Bottom.

Bigg Boss has also arranged for the concert. At the concert, Muken sings the song. Housemasters really forget this. This is the first promo of the Bigg Boss event.

The second promo also focuses on the face. The second promo is a continuation of yesterday’s episode. Speaking on this, Muken thanked BigBask for giving unforgettable memories. Muken says Pinkpacks and Sandi, who gave happy memories to many people in the short term.

Darshan was sacked from the Bigg Boss 3 show, which nobody expected . This makes the audience very bitter over Bigg Boss.

In this case, Darshan instakiram has put in the post. In it he said,

it would be nice to receive love from those we know. But the best feeling is that we get love from people we have never met. This day is the best in my life.

I feel the love and support of those who know me. There is no word of gratitude to all those who have seen me as one of your family and supported me for 98 days. See you soon Until then, he said.

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Love you all ❤️

A post shared by Tharshan Thiyagarajah (@tharshan_shant) on

Her boyfriend and actress Sanam Shetty commented on Darshan’s post , “

Welcome Back Darshan. It’s just the beginning. Good things will happen to you. Thinking of you is proud.

Bigg Boss viewers who saw the post of girlfriend Sanam Darshan, we do not like Bigg Boss. But you have to be one of the top 3 contenders. We cried when you left. You just have to get in the title. But you’ve won people’s minds. Congratulations on winning over you.

You are the real Winner. I was shocked to see you evicted. They say we are waiting to see you on the big screen soon.

When Sanam Shetty says that all the people love you, Darshan who does not believe comes out and knows the truth.

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