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Has anyone predeceased the winner of the World’s Biggest Reality Show Bigg Boss Season 3? Will the winner be announced regardless of performance, voting or audience opinion? Along with the extreme accusations of contenders emanating from the Bigg Boss house .. There is no doubt that this is true when watching the show.

Bigg Boss 10th Nominee Himaja .. revealed some of the secrets behind the house. Not considering voting .. Not game contenders .. Bigg Boss is playing. House of the srimukhi home information .. srimukhi friends by the cameras and the director of the Direction Department dipartmentki ceravestundani bomb detonated. Game How to feel? What to do? Himaja has alleged that fixing will happen.

Not just the viewers who watch the show have doubts on what basis these nominations and eliminations are going. Let’s look at some of them.

Nominations for Elimination are being held on Monday. Audiences have taken votes from audiences throughout the week, but viewers have been nominated on the basis of votes, but not to reveal the votes cast.

Elimination then takes the view of the audience but .. Why Alleredy brings the elimited contenders back with a wild card entry. If the poll is conducted for this wild card, the audience will be deciding who is better in the eligible contenders.

With the exception of Tamanna and Hema, who have been eliminated so far .. Ravi, Asu, Zafar, Rohini, Ali, Sculptures Eliminate those who have struggled for the game with Kos Kus .. Revival, which has not been effective in terms of original performance, has been criticized by many as continuing in the 11th week.

Excluding Chemistry with Rahul .. Big Boss Followers Argument that there is no reason to look better than Ravi, Ashu, Zafar, Rohini, Ali and Shilpa in the Purna Task. The truth is the same.

Rihanvi, Rahul, Varun and Vitika are not touching the batch. This group does not take a full stop, except that the players are eliminating the full effect of the tasks.

Rahul and Ali leave the Bigg Boss house There is no valid reason as to why they were brought up again. Rahul is limited for the sake of revival.

No more need to be specific about Varun Vithika. There is no doubt that Varun Sandesh has all the qualifications to be the final contender. But the question from the audience as to why Vitika is not being eliminated until the 11th week.

Eliminated Ravi, Asu, Zafar, Rohini, Ali, Shilpa, Himalaya .. What’s in Vitika? The only answer that comes to mind is that of Varun Sandesh. It seems like the Bigg Boss strategy is to keep the couple together so they come together. The fact is that the game is seriously undermined by this strategy.

Okay, all these aside .. Big Boss Full Clarity seems to be the winner of the final 9 Contestants. Of the 17 contenders, the house currently houses Srimukhi, Varun Sandesh, Vitika Sheru, Rahul, Purnavi, Mahesh Vitta, Baba Bhaskar, Shiva Jyoti and Ali. There is going to be a title war between Srimukhi and Varun .. Ali Raza seems to be limited to Third Place. Mahesh, Sivaji Jothi, Rahul, Purnavi, Vitika, Baba Bhaskar are the only side talk in Bigg Boss game. Varun or Srimukhi Chance looks more like a Bigg Boss winner.

On the other hand, with only 30 more days to announce the winner, there are still 9 people in the house. So in order to make the nine by the final five .. the next two weeks will have to be eliminated by two. So .. Two Big Boss House is going to leave in elimination this week. With the exception of Srimukhi, Varun and Ali among the current ones, the rest of Mahesh Vitta, Rahul, Purnavi, Baba Bhaskar, Vitika and Sivajothi are going to be nominated.

Game After the screaming, screaming and yelling. The Bigg Boss Show is also not surprising. This is also a voting resource for the Bigg Boss Show. But with only 30 days left for the Big Boss winner to float, the Race to Finale War broke out in the House. The wife bhartalaina Vithika Varun asked. Varun in the promo for Tuesday, Vitika is playing the role of a guitarist and guru .

One or two of the nine members of the house who are currently in the house in the 11th week will bag the bag this week. The nomination process for this elimination began on Monday. Bigg Boss was given a task called ‘Rolle Gems’ as part of this week’s nominations. The precious stones that come in the form of rain have to be deposited in their account. Contestants competed to collect stones.

Rahul Sipliganj, who collected the low-value stones in Monday’s episode, came into the nomination this week.

And the promo for the upcoming episode of tonight’s episode has been released. Vitika .. Fire on Baba Bhaskar. Baba Bhaskar was mistaken for Vitika in an attempt to take the stones. Varun’s muzzle was damaged. Varun shouted “Why are you getting?” ‘Hello .. Mane without playing .. Don’t comply. The game will be physical later. Do I have to be compliant? Vipika with ears closed as he instructs his wife.

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