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Kavya Vanitha has been torn up at a Bigg Boss event today.

Last week’s Bigg Boss event featured prominently in folk arts such as streetcar, puppetry and villuppunta. But this is not interesting in the show.

Bigg Boss, who decided to add a bit of fun to the show, today slammed open nomination. Bigg Boss is burned about the house by the Open Nomination.

Wanita is the hardest

Kavin and Sandy are crying and trying to take pity. Gavin in particular tries to get sympathy. Thus, Vanitha, the first promoter, said to watch the game.

Vanitha who was torn

After this, the Bigg Boss house became a battlefield. A third promo is currently being released. Vanitha has torn the poem in it.

Sakshi Finals

To Kavin who tried to get the weeping Sympathy, if people saved you this week or not, she would go to the finals if you saved Sakshi.

What is the answer to that?

Are you out? What is the answer to that? Vanitha asks. Gavin answers, “I told you I would go out the door right now.”

Serious arguing

Take Sakshi inside and leave and you go out, says Vanitha. There is a heated argument between the two.

Who’s right?

Gavin says that since you have come in a second time, everything you do is not right. All that is unassuming Vanitha, who does not talk about who is right.

Creating the image is not a mistake

More Infatuation of Madawangala Influence, The cry of the crying creature. Vanita makes it a way of screaming that there is no stage for it.


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