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The Big Boss Show Every Sunday Someone Is Ready To Walk Home. However, every once in a while there will be saddened Sir Prizes .. Double Eliminations. But the House Mates know that nomination and elimination are a continuous process.

Bigg Boss has made its entry into the eleventh week of its third season. There were still seven eliminations, two wild card entries, and one reentry. As the season draws to a close, the show is also turning into a frenzy. The task given in the nomination process is exemplified by this. He showed the dots to the members of the house as rubble gems.

Big Boss conditioned that there was no entry into the house until the task of the rubble gems was completed. Captain Srimukhi said that he would go into the house and use all the amenities. Those who came into the nomination .. can enter the house. He also said that the salt and onion needed to be cooked should be bought at Bigg Boss. This is because the house mats stay in the proper food and garden area .. I can not sleep in the cold.

This time Varun’s batch came into the nomination. However, it is said that Varanasi, Rahul and Purna will vote in the nomination period. Each time someone is nominated .. Four followers come together to vote and save easily. We need to get equal votes for the three .. Then Mahesh goes into the Danger Zone .. They will be saved.

Mahesh fans are calling for the protection of the child .. And if these three followers follow the same strategy, Mahesh is getting elimination this week. We have to see what happens until the end.

Gemstone rocks are anything but .. they can not find one. Bigg Boss, who planned to defy the nomination process during the eleventh week, flipped House Mates. Bigg Boss completed the nomination process.

Rahul has had a good following outside of the Bigg Boss show. With comedy timing, the straightforward take on Full Craze. But the tasks of the Big Boss .. When Rahul plays the task .. Full becomes hyper. This leads to an uproar.

As part of the nomination process during the eleventh week .. Rolle gave a task called Gems. As part of the task, he took a stone from Mahesh. Mahesh became a bit serious. But only a short while later, he realized his mistake. Rahul is the first to come home nominated in this task.

Coming home and relaxing after being nominated. He was busy eating homemade food. However, Vitika complained to Sreemukhi, the captain of the revival, that she was also eating the bread that came with her share. The same thing happened to Rahul.

Rahul said to Srimukhi, ‘I can’t eat all the bread’ .. I know what it is. It is your responsibility as the captain to tell me that I did not eat at all. Revival gave Sweet Warning, saying that the same thing was said with the reunion.

Eri Rahul, Mahesh, Purnavi and Varun are the nominees for the low value stones in the Tasks. How many votes do you get for each of these four? Who will be saved? It became interesting to see who would be eliminated.

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