03-08-2019 Bigg Boss Tamil 3 3rd August 2019 Vijay Tv Show: Kamal Hasan Written Updates

Kamal, who will be participating in the Bigg Boss event today, is looking forward to opening the promo. Actor Kamal Haasan meets housemates on Saturdays and Sundays during the week of Bigpass. He is appreciative, angry, and advised of the weekly events. When needed, he would put on the shorts and tear the veil and shout the truth. He would advocate fairness.

Triangle Love

Two weeks ago, he poured out poetry saying that the triangle is a love affair. Kavin promised not to do that anymore.

The Great Panchayat

But he didn’t follow what he said. Once again, Sakshi alternated with both Laslia and the sea. Thus this week was mostly panchayat on Gavin, Sakshi, Laslia.

Some Fresh without a Mustache

Kamal is going to meet the housemates at Pikpas today. Speaking in the first promo, Kamal has come up with a mustache without a mustache.

Kamal also explained about the mustache. He said, change is not a change, minds are constant, qualities can change, there is no longer a triangle of love, everything is just friendly, so you can think of it as a bed tie and a mustache.

Any other reason

But if it is not for another reason Kamal said that he did not say it in style. Fans cheered and cheered. Kamal is playing Gavin’s game by saying he did not say what he said.

Is the juice squeezed?

Let’s see who tonight is going to squeeze the juice out of Kamal. How many parallels have been made this week at the BigPass home? Tonight we know whether Saravana will pass away like Saduvara Kamal or smiling like last week.

Actor Kamal Haasan will meet the housemates through Akam TV as it is Saturday. Viewers are wondering what he is going to do this week after tearing up the cover of Meera Mithun last week. In this case, Kamal Haasan, who came to the show today, has come out as a mere talker, shaving his tongue in a mustache. Fans who watched today’s promo have been surprised by Kamal, who looks younger.

Indian 3 Movie

In a week, Kamal Haasan is in awe, claiming to be ten years old. Fans who have said that they will be seeing Kamal again in the Indian film, have questioned whether the film is a badass for Indian 3.

The age is unknown In the past week, Kamal came in with a mustache and periodically twisted the mustache. Kamal is too young to look old today.

New Getup This is a fan who takes the mustache for the Indian 3 movie and thinks this is a bad change.

Different Level Kamal’s new badge is a different level ..

Semma Mass Look Sal sema mas look .. Let’s talk about other toilets! He says.

How is Kamal sir? Kamal sir how to get rid of the cutie mantain

Age limit Nelson says Kamal Haasan looks ten years younger in the clean shave.

Indian 3 has begun Seeing this badge of Kamal, he says Indian Part 3 has started.

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