03-09-2019 Bigg Boss Tamil 3 3rd September 2019 Vijay tv Show-Promo 1-2: Written Update

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Sakshi’s entry back into the Bigpas house has surprised one actress.

Mohan Vaidya, Sakshi and Abhirami have left the Biggbas house and are back in the Biggpas house. It will be known tonight whether they are a guest or a wild card entry.

Already the burning of the BigPass house has increased the prospect of what is going to happen today. Certainly the fans are talking about the show being 100% interesting.

Housemates come home and express their love for each other. Sakshi is beautifully embroidered on the skirt scarf.

Muken, who was eager to speak, moved without saying a single word hi. Gavin sees everything that happens with his mouth brush.

Sakshi then goes to Sherin and says that you are the one to win. How’s Sherin? He asks.

Actress Kajal, who saw the promo at the event, tweeted that she’s going to see Sherin’s title, and this week, she will stay.

Fans who have seen this are scolding the actress for not making her Kajal. Your tweets are not neutral, they hate you for being biased and you don’t deserve to talk about the BigPass title.

Nattisan has said that he was going to send the poke this week and wash the ukandu kakus.

What problem do you have? Very downtrodden. I am not a Sakshi fan but do you have some knowledge? Would you do that? This fan is hard to beat if you do not speak for yourself

Sure, this week Sherin will save .. So much for being a pro.

Nattison asks you to stay all week and talk about the title of the title.

Actress Kajal has been advocating for some unreasonable Kavin. It is noteworthy that Gavin even pretended to love Gavin’s 4 girls for the sole reason that her ex-husband was Sandy’s friend.


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