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The Bigg Boss show is going to end in 3 more days. Sandy, Losliya, Muken and Sherin have come up to the finals of the event with 16 contestants.

For the first time, journalists visited the Bigg Boss home. Bigg Boss welcomed them as Subha, Sudhir, Meenakshi, Anupama, Vijay, Chandrasekhar, Priyanka and Aditi. Each of them questioned the competitors.

At first, Sandy was questioned as to what he had learned and taught so far. Sandy said, “I understand that I have to be with family. Friends, brother, sister, father’s daughter, Siddappa were in this house. Seeing them all, I realized that I was not at home like I was outside. I have now corrected it. ”

Losliya said, “After I go out, I have to talk to my dad and mom first. My parents would have known when I was living in a community like that. When we are in trouble, there is no relationship to speak of now. If you have to make a decision, they will ask me. ”

Speaking next, Muken said, “I miss my home here. Not losing anything. I learned a lot instead. We were able to learn every single thing from everyone. Also, come on as a singer like dad. I have a lot of applause and applause. My desire is to act in films. ”

“I will never forget the day when the fight between me and Vanitha came. On the other, the moment Darshan went out was never forgotten. ”

After the contestants shared their feelings, Abhirami, Sakshi, Vanitha, Kasturi and Cheran came into the Bigg Boss house with a gift box. They gave their favorite contestants a gift.

In the end, Vanitha and Darshan again talk about Sherin’s relationship.

“Even if you say you love Darshan, I would have accepted. How can we call it an affair, ”Sherin asks. In response, Vanita sighed and cried, “You are the reason why Darshan left.”

House mates all said it was wrong for Vanita to speak. Finally, Sherin and Vanitha decided that they would talk alone.

Fans hoped that if actress Kasturi attended the Bigg Boss 3 show, she would give Kamal Haasan a duff. But by the time Kasturi went to Bigg Boss’s house, Vanitha and others had turned him into a comedy.

Fans wondered what it would be like to have him on the Bigg Boss house, which is a musk akawa given by Left and Right on Twitter. It was sinful to see musk. When the chance to go to the secret room, come out to rule.

been critical of Bigg Boss. Speaking of Bigg Boss all that time, Kasturi is currently a guest. Fans were told on Twitter that he was going back to Bigg Boss, talking about it and asking what he was going through now.


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