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The Bigg Boss house continues for the eleventh week. One day is a fun task, the other is a physical task, the weekend is spent in the city with a bunch of housewarming pitchers and housewives. But this week seems to be going a little bit differently. The ‘Battle of the Battalion Task’ given to Bigg boss House is more serious than the nomination process. In this task, the housemates waged the ‘Pani’ pattu battles. One of the two existing taps even broke! Rahul, another disqualified Rahul, tried to block Baba Bhaskar. Varun had also tried to keep Baba in the container without watering. Varun left Baba and tried to stop Alireza.

However, it seemed like an over-the-top effort. Bigaz was declared disqualified by the task as Alireza Sivaji was watering in a container. While Vithika, who won the first level, will qualify for the final, Sreemukhi, Ali Reza, Sivajiothi and Baba Bhaskar will face the second level. They need to balance their body in this task. Task players place an object on their head while standing in separate frames. They have to be careful not to fall under it. It is no longer possible to touch the object by hand. And we have to see who wins and medals in this task!

Bigg Boss is coming to the end of the game. In the course of 100 days, the battle between 17 Constants reached the 11th week, leaving only 9 people in the house. Bigg Boss is going to give away two of these two nominations this week with four Strong Contestants.

In the nomination process for the 11th week of the elimination process, there were revivals , Mahesh Vitta ,Varun Sandesh and Rahul, among them.

But like the weekly ‘Telugu time’ this week, who are also elimination of the Opinion poll from the Audience .. Rarnavi does not deserve to be in the house. More than fifty percent of voters have cast their vote, saying that the Great Elimination of the Great Sunday is exactly what it is.

55% voted for re-elimination of the four. fact punarnavi bhupalam 11th week came to being eliminated in the Big baske teliyalannadi view of the audience. Tasks, Performance, Behavior in the House, whatever it is, the fact that the Revival Lands does not provide the best performance.

However, she became a ratings source for Bigg Boss with new dramas such as Love and Dating with Rahul Siplimanj. Cosmos coos with glamor in the existing contexts. Big Boss’s efforts to cash in on this have been hard. Audience has repeatedly shown a secret relationship between the two of them, bonding with Rahul and creating the chemistry of something going on between them.

Host Nagarjuna has also publicly announced the suspicion that the affair is going on between Rahul and Revival. That is why the first elimination of Rahul .. Put him in the secret room and bring him into the house, it seems that Rarnavi-Rahul is for strengthening the bond.

In other words, it is the elusive question of why the best performances of the house are revisited by the likes of Himaja, Ravi, Ashu, Rohini and Zafar. In the first few weeks, the revivals made a successive nomination. Bigg Boss, however, came to her rescue. In the House, a special group of her own, form a group and the nominations are then escaped. The nomination was finally made in the 11th week. 55 per cent of the people voted against her saying Punno is no longer a bag.

Meanwhile, the poll conducted by the ‘Telugu Time’ on the nominees of the weekly nominees for the week. But there is a rematch in the nominations this week so Bigg Boss can do anything. If necessary, you can bring the reunion to the final .. Because it’s the Big Boss House. Anything can happen.

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