04-08-2019 Bigg Boss Tamil 3 4th August 2019 Vijay Tv Show: Kamal Hasan Written Updates

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Kamal Hasan is mocked in the Bigg Boss 3 promo video. Lazlia, the newlywed innocent who came home to Bigg Boss 3, now loves poetry. Sakshi also loves the same poem. Those who watch the show are spitting love. Look at Kamal Haasane’s love triangle with Gavin, Sakshi and Laslia’s triangle.

Kamal Hasan

Lazlia, I am Trisha, we are starring in the movie Manmadhan Ambu with Kamal Haasan. He asked me to tell you a little about your experience playing the blue sky song. The promo video for Nascot has been released, saying that it looks like Kamalo is still out of love.

Applause As soon as you see Lazlia on screen, the audience at the Bigg Boss stage will shake hands and give a whistle. At present everything is quiet. The audience clapped when Kamal treated Laslia. Take advantage of it now, Laslia.

Janu During the Taskin, the LaSalia 96 film Zanu was not as bad for the audience. Going and going, this LaSlia is roasted on social media asking if it is Zanua. Even those who praise Laslia for being quaid and beauty are irritated by the look on her face right now. Laslia’s condition has deteriorated to such an extent.

Redesign Viewers say that it is mocking the Big Pasay Room and releasing a Promo video for thinking hard. Like making a promo video after seeing people scolding Laslia on social media.

Kamal Hasan’s Promo Video has been released on what is the current state of his relationship with Darshan. Viewers thought that Bigg Boss 3 was the home of Darshan and Sherin. Darshan says Sherin is just a girlfriend. In this case, a promo video on Darshan has been released.

Reply Kamal has been promoting a promo video of Bigg Boss 3 asking people to sit two-by-two. Kamal becomes the nearest person to question and the contestant has to answer. Laslia turns to Sherin and laughs as she asks Kamal what is the current state of her relationship with Darshan.

Muken Rao sits next to Darshan to ask Kamal that Sherin is the beautiful woman in your house. Upon hearing this, Tarshano scolds Abirami for coming. This Big Boss does not understand exactly who is in the house and whom he loves. The only confusion is Kamal sir.

Kamal Haasan, who started the People’s Justice Party, has agreed to host the Bigg Boss concert. Some viewers say that Tutu himself has given Bigg Boss.

Army In the previous promo video, Laslia was asked to question Kamal Haasan. But Lazlia Armio is speaking like she’s not ugly. See how they deal with everything for Laslia.

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