04-09-2019 Bigg Boss Tamil 3 4th September 2019 Vijay tv Show: Written Episode Update

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The Bigg Boss Show has again clashed between Vanitha and Losliya. This time Sherin joins Vanita and wrestles with Losliya.

Bigg Boss is the seventh suite for Vanita and Losliya. Nowadays there is a day-to-day argument between the two.

Previously, when Vanita spoke, no one could speak. Darshan has spoken against him once. Otherwise Cheran, Sherin and Muken are not fussing at him.

But now the situation is not like that. Lazlia, Gavin, Sandy, Darshan all get impatient and buy Vanitha right and left. Even Cheran became impatient and tried to silence Vanitha yesterday. But Vanitha kept him silent.

Yesterday’s episode featured a fierce clash between Losliya and Vanita during the pillow talk. Losliya was the first to silence Vanita. Thus the Losliya Army is excited and chanting ‘Our Head Mass’.

In the second promo, released today, Vanitha and LaSalle show a reunion. What’s new is that this time Sherin joins Vanessa and clashes with Losliya.

Sherin complains that LaGlia’s Aragorns, Attitude itself, are hurting, with former contestants Sakshi, Abirami and Mohan, who have come to the Bigg Boss house as new guests. Because they seem to be the arbiters in today’s task.

Sherin seems to react to Vanitha’s impulses when she sees this promo. Vanitha also joins Sherin and complains that the Bigg Boss house is out of respect. The next prom, or today’s episode, will know what the referee is going to do.

Sherin has a good reputation so far. But after Vanitha goes back in, her actions seem to change a lot. It was Sherin who first voiced Vanita as a musk duck. At the time, he seemed to be speaking neutral. But when you look at what’s happening now, Sherin’s impression of being a steward is made.


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