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The Bigg Boss 3 show has reached its final stage. Bigg Boss does not give a home task as the show ends on Sunday.

Instead, the guests go and entertain the Audi bodice house mats. Kavin and Darshan have re-entry today Promo video has been released. House mates who saw Kavin and Darshan were very excited.

In the meantime , Losliya is keeping her boyfriend’s poetry in check. Kavin sees this and immediately grabs Losliya’s hand. On the other hand, Darshan is like giving Sandy a go and eating chicken.

Following Kavin’s visit, his fans on Twitter created and tweeted the hashtag #Kavin. Fans who have been unable to see the Losliya-Kavin romance for the past few days can say that there is a treat today.

Netizens who saw this bromo, what did Kavin come back for? They were shocked. His fans are celebrating the arrival of Darshan. It is noteworthy that at present the house of Bigg Boss is all but Madhumita and Saravanan.

Netizens have commented that Losliya talked to her dad by video call during the Bigg Boss event. The Biggap show is about to end. The event, which started with 15 competitors, was won by four finalists – Losliya, Sandy, Sherin and Muken. It will be revealed next Sunday who will be the winner of the title. In this case, competitors are offering Surface Gifts.

As part of it, Losliya talks with her dad on video video today. Lazlia tears and cries when she says her bye to her father. Seeing this, the netizens are voicing their opinions.

Sandy, who was participating in the Bigg Boss event gives contestants the chance to talk to their families on video. Following this, Lazlia, who was eligible for the final, spoke with her father on video. It was revealed in the promo that he was able to tell Avlodhan now that everything was coming out. In the second promo, it was revealed that Sandy and his family were talking on video.

Sandy is the wife of death. Calling Sandy’s daughter Lala, Lala gives Dad a flying kiss.

Following this, Sandy asks his wife how you should be. Do not come close to his wife who will answer in the closeup. Sandy says that death is a little too far.

And Sandy’s wife responds, “We’re all Proud for you, and what powder you put on it.” Sandy, who has been the comedian of the Bigg Boss Season 3 show, has done the same for his family.

Sandy’s ex-wife, Kajal, who saw the promo, said that Sandy was still unchanged. In this post he posted on Twitter, ala .. Lala .. Sandyman why this killer .. is not discriminated against .. you are still not changed.

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