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The latest episode started with the song as usual. Srimukhi and Baba Bhaskar broke the song by taking strides. Since then .. House members have turned into groups and started whispering. In particular, Rahul and Varun joked about targeting Sreemukhi, the captain of the house. Rahul is innocent by asking her friend Varun if she is married to Srimukhi’s loudspeaker. Scored by Varun.

When it comes to the love affair of Bigg Boss house, Rahul said to Varun that he did not know why Rarnavi started me by saying “Udayanne is the seventh”. On another occasion, Rahul shouted at Rahul that Rahul was using Detal. Rahul knew about it earlier and went to shout. Sreemukhi, the captain of the house, said to Baba Baskar .. Are they serious? Sreemukhi said to Baba that he is not doing that ..

In the meantime, the popularity of television shows has increased tremendously. Bullithera hemaheemis are constantly entertaining the newly thinking housekeeper. The most notable name is Anchor Zuma. Zuma is bursting into the air with multiple shows every day on multiple channels. This is the latest in a series of events where Bigg Boss counterpart Himeja has been trying to expose Frustration. Let’s see that.

Gone are the days. As technology continues to evolve, any day to day trend is changing. Social media consumption is on the rise. So catch this and bring popularity to their shows. Audiences are choking on the release of their upcoming show Taluk Promos.

Feelings from Bigg Boss Season 3 Constant Himaja are featured in this latest released F3 show promo. It is reported that she was recently eliminated from Bigg Boss. F3 Show organizers kicked off a task to expose her feeling to fellow Bigg Boss constants. Anchor Zuma is the host of the show. This promo video is currently going viral.

Putting them in the form of a toy where anyone is angry but revealing the defective Frustration, separates the kick. Looks exactly the same in this recently released promo video. Srimamukhi, Purnavi, Ritual and Himaja were all as a witness. This kind of anger is expressed to all.

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