05-08-2019 Bigg Boss Tamil 3 5th August 2019 Vijay Tv Show: Kamal Hasan Written Updates

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Visitors are very excited that Laslia’s name has come up in the nomination. Lazlia, who is presenting at Bigpas, quits her job and talks with Kavin. Lazlia, who is in love with Gavin, likes talking to you, talking to you, and not talking to you. When others ask, Gavin and I have only friendship, Laslia says, and I will side with you. Fronts are also being washed as side bottoms.

We are doing Vachu Laslia’s play has been little to no trouble these past few days. Arrogance and arrogance flutter in the speech. Frustrated fans said, “Come on, you nomination. We’re talking to you.” Accordingly, today’s nomination includes Laslia’s name.

We will answer Visitors are happy to welcome this. This is why viewers who have been waiting for you have said that we are answering the game you are playing and your brains. Comment on this on Twitter ..

The arrogance clung to his head Attitude to Lazlia. Nattison says he thinks fans’ applause has climbed to his head.

Let us send you home This is Nattison calling Lasallia home to buy.

Attitude is high Go away, Lazlia. You have a lot of Attitude.

Nevertheless Google Online PollsLamLasliaMore Vote Purchasing Model. All her support group belong to her country. But Hotstar is the only country our people can drive. This week, however, she was sent. He says.

NOMINATIONAL MATNEYA He has teased the song that Gavin has sung to him as ‘Laaslia Nominated Matinea’.

Wasted Abirami Ella Laslia Any one of these should be expelled. Both men have wasted their chances at pickups. This fan.

An association has been formed on Twitter for Bigg Boss 3 contestant Laslia. The Army launched on Twitter for LaSalle to look great when Bigg Boss 3 came home. Immediately after the release of the Bigg Boss Promo videos, Lazlia Cho Quiet, the brunette was praised and praised by her Armians. After becoming a trilogy of love triangles, Laslia is left unattended to the audience.

Society Lazlia Cuckooslia, Luslia has become, like Sakshi Sneeksi, a poet who loves (and loves). This is how the LaSalle Haters Association is formed on Twitter. There are hundreds of members of that association. Such an association has been formed, as many have not liked Laslia’s recent actions.

Courtesy Lazlia Kamal Haasan sits with her toes on the front leg and speaks voluptuously. The Laslia Army is invisible to all of this. But the Haters Association and those who do not like Laslia have been critical of the morning without seeing her face.

Visitors The Bigg Boss 3 shows the mood of the audience even though this Meme Haters put on the club side. The audience is just saying Gavin, Sakshi, Laslia please leave us. The love story of the triangle does not escape. But it is the only thing that keeps pulling. We all have sin, Big Boss.

Task Lazlia has done nothing but make Sean fall in love with Kavin since Bigg Boss came home. Laszlia uses a mixer-eating strategy, though Big Boss burns about the house. So he should not have the desire to win the Bigg Boss title, viewers say

His fans are preparing to save Laslia, who has been nominated for the first time at the Bigg Boss show. Bigg Boss is a favorite competitor at home and outside, Lazlia. Thus no one nominated him for the past six weeks. He has been nominated for the first time this week. The reason for this is the way he reacted to colleagues. However, his fans are already ready to save Laslia. The LaSlia Army has just launched a campaign to support him. Gavin Armi is specially associated with this Armi.

Laslia Army: “Can I do a nominated banana? Laslia Army Cross Nipangalleda.

Is that it? “Lokilasnu sherin can smell the wine. You can ask for respect with experience. Anything can be done. But it is not Arogant. If Lazlia stays away from Sakshi, it is Aroganta,” he said.

Fan Collection Fans:

“Get ready, people. The time is right for us. Thea is working,” one began the campaign. They are a lot faster than the political parties running in the general elections.

Mr. Comment: ‘Sakshi is still waiting for someone to target. Sami to release this week. Could. Hate to see Sakshiota face to face. ‘


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