05-09-2019 Bigg Boss Tamil 3 5th September 2019 Vijay tv Show: Written Episode Update

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This has increased the number of Vanitha’s enemies in the Biggbas house. In the third promo released today, everyone is sitting in the dining hall.

It’s like talking about who’s not doing well during the Luxury Budget Task. Vanita blames Sherin. Darshan speaks in favor of Sherin.

Then Sandi flirts with Vanitha to talk to her. After this, Vanitha is talking to herself as always.

Seran lost his patience more than once, so how long has he been listening? We are like stupid screams that we could not answer. Seeing all this, the whole house seems to have turned against Vanitha.

Veteran fight with Sheridan is increasing. So, with Cheran’s low turnout this week, the Bigg Boss is leaving the house. Five people are in the nomination this week at the Bigg Boss house. The five are Gavin, Laslia, Muken, Sherin and Seran. Vanitha is one of eight contestants currently in the Bigg Boss house with a wild card entry. So it’s doubtful he’ll get in the title. The seven remaining contestants besides him are important. The reality of the show is that the trend of the show will change slightly, no matter who leaves the house.

So this week’s Evection is expected to be very exciting. According to the votes cast yesterday, Sherine was the last person with the fewest votes. Above him was Seran. Gavin, Lazlia and Muken are the most likely to receive the most votes.

In this situation, yesterday and today’s promos, Sherine fights with Vanitha. Sheerin had previously fought with Laslia. Even so, the scenes of her fight with Vanitha have been stirring as she does not understand herself properly.

This has added value to the fans. Suddenly his votes are starting to increase. Seran, who was above him, was put down. If this situation persists, then there is the possibility that Cheran will be kicked out of the Bigg Boss house this week.

But it is doubtful whether Vanitha and Sakshi are set. Sakshi, who is now back in the Bigg Boss house, went to Sherin and told him that this time you have to fight for the title. When asked how he was, he said, ‘I will.’

Perhaps this is not his plan. When viewed from the outside, he knew very well that Sherine was the last place to get the least votes. It is thought that she may have accompanied Vanita to such an emotional drama to raise her vote.

Because once, Sherine had told Sakshi that she loved Darshan as a head. He later changed his mind after he claimed to have a girlfriend outside Darshan. Yet, from time to time people notice their romance.

In an interview, Darshan said in an interview that he appears to be in love with his real girlfriend. In that case, Vanitha today did not love Darshan. Sherine’s act of blame in vain seems to be a blatant drama.

Often the biggie is home to Cheran and Vanitha. He shares his feelings with her. Seran supporters are angry in social circles that they have taken revenge on Seran for not wanting to save him.

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