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Anyway, Vitika is preparing to face any challenge with her husband Varun Sandesh for entry into the Bigg Boss House to win the Bigg Boss Season 3 title. Until then, the best friend Rahul did not hesitate to beat the game. Sai also offered to scratch and bite into the field that she is facing the husband.

In the house, she is acting as if there is no way to go back to her work. She also pushed her personality to acquire the medal given by Bigg Boss as part of the latest Battle of the Medallion task. Baba Bhaskar’s performance in the robbery has been criticized by Big Boss as a clerical task.

As part of the Bottle of the Medallion task, her batch (Varun, Rahul, Purnavi, Mahesh, Ali) won the first level. In fact, Baba Bhaskar was targeted by all members of the family in that task. However, as part of the Battle of the Medallion Level 2 Baba Bhaskar won the Best Performance of all in the Balanced Frame Task. Bigg Boss was given another task on Friday to determine who was the winner of the Bottle of the Medallion.

In this task, a rickshaw in the garden area, Bigg Boss orders who will be the winner, and various attempts to bring them down. At the end of the day Baba, who has been in the same rickshaw, worked hard for the Vikings Medal.

However, when Baba was trying to get his toilet to work, Vitika objected. I get the toilet .. I can’t do it like girls.

Vitika shocked the audience as well as the family members who watched the show. Netizens are angry that the game is too bad for this. Babani has been criticized for not only supporting Rickshaw but also for supporting her work with Renaissance.

Host Nagarjuna has released a promo for Vitika on the same topic. In this, ” Amma .. Vithika !! Oh .. what Adav Amma, how Baba Bhaskar fell down and shame on her work. When should we bring down Baba Bhaskar? When he was un-balanced, he asked what was the toeshav.

Vitika said, ‘He can go to the toilet and sit down till tomorrow. What should I do sir? Tell me what I should do as a girl, ‘she argued. ‘I understand your pain but .. What if Baba Bhaskar confessed to you? Do you have a girl card out now? Vitika was questioned by Nagarjuna. Vitika expresses her anger at the adjacent Ali for not being able to answer Nagarjuna’s straightforward question.

By the end of the Bigg Boss-3 season, the audience has come up with what each constitutes of the original. Now, the latest analysis of Rahul Siplinganj is also revealing that some of the analysis elimination contenders. Recently Ashu Reddy made several interesting comments about Rahul after leaving the house. Rahul is the main target of the girls and plays a game in the house. In fact, the slander on Rahul is not true. Ashu Reddy has stated that the comments made by Rahul on the elimination of Tamanna Sinadri are not true. “Rahul is playing the game with the pain of being eliminated from time to time,” Ashu said.

However, she added that Rahul never lost his confidence when he was in the nominations. Also, when someone is negative about Rahul, he says that Rahul is moving forward by turning it into an opportunity. It is remarkable that all the housemates are helping Rahul.

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