06-08-2019 Bigg Boss Tamil 3 6th August 2019 Vijay Tv Show: Kamal Hasan Written Updates

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Abhirami, who was present at the Bigpass event, angered her mother and said she had been living alone for 4 months. Today, the third promo has been released after Saravanan’s expulsion from Bigpass. In the first promo, Saravanan Pikpas was expelled from the house to inform the housemates. In the second promo, director Cheran consoled Gavin and Sandy. In the third promo of the now-released Bigpas show, the housemates were given a Biggap task.

The PigPass Task It means being told about a friend who inspired you and about unforgettable events during your life.

Separated Speaking after this, Abhirami said, “My mother has sacrificed a lot for me and her mother is her close friend.” He also said that his mother and father had split up.

Abhi apologized Abirami apologized to her mother for crying for it, saying that she did not want me to quarrel with her mother.

Irritable Abhirami has been dating a second person for the last 40 days after he walked into the house. Abhirami is doing emotional blackmail for Mukhen. It is noteworthy that people are annoyed by Abirami’s action.

Saravanan’s ouster at the Pikpas show has started to upset the audience. During the episode of Kamal’s participation on the 27th, Saravanan had explicitly stated that he had gone to the bus to demolish women during college. Kamal did not react much to that. Meera – Cheran has gone to see the panchayat. But many condemned Saravanan’s speech. Saravanan apologized for his unconditional apology on the 29th episode.

The intimidating Saravanan Following this, Saravanan said, “You go, Boya, you have no respect for Cheran.” And what’s the problem with you, Saravanan went intimidated towards Cheran.

Meeting with Kamal Many from the film industry condemned Saravanan. They demanded that he be expelled from the show. In this case, Kamal met the housemates on Saturday TV channel.

Saravanan apologized Kamal spoke about the friction between Cheran and Saravan. Kamal also denounced Seran for speaking unanimously. Saravanan apologized to Cheran, saying that this was a mistake.

After meeting Kamal, Saravanan fell at Cheran’s feet in the kitchen of Pikpas’ house and apologized. I was always the Assistant Director before you said Cheran. The two hugged each other.

Flexible people Though Saravanan was wrong to speak to Cheran, he fell to his feet and went to apologize. It has been going well with no problems since then.

Used to be friendly Even yesterday’s episode, Biggpass who gave the task to housemates, appointed Cheran and Saravan as referees. Saravanan, who has been misunderstood about Cheran since the last day, has only been friendly for the past two days.

The audience is sad Saravanan, who has so far nominated Cheran for no reason, did not nominate him this week. Visitors were curious to see how the two were getting along in the coming days. At the time of good understanding between Cheran and Saravanan, the sudden departure of Pikpas Saravanan has caused a lot of sadness among the audience.


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