06-09-2019 Bigg Boss Tamil 3 6th September 2019 Vijay tv Show: Written Episode Update

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A fierce battle is taking place between Losliya and Sakshi at Pikpas house. Sakshi, Abirami and Mohan Vaidya were the guests at the Biggpas house. They have enjoyed the show ever since. In this case, today’s first promo was given to Chameleon. But Laszlia threw it away with the buyer’s hand.

Great fight Mohan Vaidya disrespected this and went to sit on the side of Kavin. In this case a second promo has been released. There is a great fight between Sakshi and Laslia.

Teensi is not dumb Then Mohan Vaidya says that we are doing the job given to us, otherwise you will go there. Sakshi asks DeSanzi not to be dumb.

Not talking to you You don’t teach me right away, says Laslia. Sakshi says I have not spoken to you. Losliya says what kind of story you are talking about. Sakshi said I was talking to the camera.

Shut up Losliya shouted at the camera and screamed, “Come on, don’t speak.” First of all, pay homage to the age of Mohan Vaidya Sar and say that Sakshi is shouting alternately.

Send out This is the second promo. Laslia is very much showing off Attitude. The real face of Laslia, who was initially smiling and dancing, is now revealed. The disgruntled people are somehow claiming to send Losliya out first.

Vanitha and Sherin have a fierce battle in Biggbas house today. Vanitha and Sherin were co-stars in the Biggap house. Yesterday, Sherin said he was not doing his job properly, and the two got into an argument. Wanting to clarify on this, Vanitha told Sherin that you don’t have to focus on your work because of Afarel you have. Angered by this, Sherin jumped in and asked how you would call our relationship Affair.

Sherin, for clarification Sherin repeatedly shouted to Mani, who saw Vanitha, saying that there was nothing between Darshan and himself. Sherin then cried and no one other than Cheran consoled him.

The Cooking Team In this case, the third promo, which is still being revealed today, between Sherin and Vanitha. That is, Vanita, the captain of the house, put Cheran and Sherin on the cooking team.

Game with Darshan But Sherin is playing with Darshan on the pillow rather than doing the cooking. Cheran is working alone.

You ask Seeing this, Vanitha is not here with Cheran. You ask. Realizing this, Sherin comes into the kitchen and tells me what to do.

Awanka Warden’s house Sherin then sits in the bathroom, this is Jail, not a warden. He is angry that he does not tell you 24 hours a day. Cheran and Vanitha sit quietly and have fun. That ends the prom.

His fans have been tweeting about Kavin, the winner’s son Kavin, participating in the Pikpas event. Vijay TV celebrity Kavin participates in Bigpass Season 3 He is going on a separate track with the women, putting on the sea, loving the time pass, and loving the self. I loved all four of them because it would not be a problem if I loved 4 people. Kamale denounced this as a mistake.

Title Name Anti-social sentiment has also been raised on social networks demanding that women’s sentiments be taken out of the BigPass event. He is behaving badly in the name of others and teasing them in the aftermath.

Deceptive The drama behind Cheran was so ridiculous that he nominated him for acting like a good-natured man, praising him as Avarda.

Damaged Kavin Kavin has already had 2 girlfriends in the BigBass house while he already has a girlfriend outside. Kavin’s actions have made his name gross.

Set up the cash In this case, the victorious son has created a hashtag named Kavin. It is said that the people who make the poem are the ones who make money.

People who scold On one side, Kavin Armian is praising him and tweeting the DVD. Kavin Hatters, on the other hand, has been working on a viral project of his.

The hashtag scam Nattissan tattooed on this show. Nattissan is the only one who has had a lot of hashtags.

Kavin Army Colm People are confused as to how his name is trending as there are more pranksters than admirers of poetry. People have been saying that Kavin Armiyan has done something goal.

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