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Following the success of the two seasons airs on June 17, the third season of the Bigg Boss show. Actor Kamal Haasane is also presenting this time.

Initially the show started with 15 contestants including Fatima Babu, Sandy, Darshan, Kavin, Losliya, Sakshi Agarwal and Vanitha. Meera Mithun and Kasturi as wild card entries.

A rivalry was pulled out of the popular vote every week at the Biggpass show, filled with feelings of love, fighting and father-daughter affection.

Darshan was the talk of the title winner in the title. But Darshan was kicked out of the show last week, according to Biggbass.

Sandy, Mukin, Losliya and Sherin are currently competing. One of these will be selected as the winner. According to reports, Mukhin has been crowned Winner of the Bigg Boss title.

In this case, the event will be announced at 6 pm on the title of the Bigg Boss event. The band has released the first promo video for the winners’ trophy.

According to the release, Season 2 winner Rithvika Pikpas brings home the trophy for Winner. She is reportedly taken to Sherin’s house for the first time. It is said that Mukin will be awarded the title of Title Winner after taking Sandy to Losliya, followed by Sandy and Losliya in second and third place.

At this evening’s event, Winner announces the title of the Bigg Boss 3 show.

The grand finale of the Bigg Boss 3 show is going on tremendously. In this, many observers have slammed Sandy as an example. Sandy , whose daughter Lala and wife have left the Bigg Boss house, have seen the daughter only twice in 106 days.

Sandy, who always thinks others should have fun, is constantly telling Bigg Boss that if he goes home, he will react negatively. He said the event had a good understanding of the family and the relationship.

Many observers have similarly stated that this is what is happening in their families. In it, a visitor named Jayasree said, “My husband, who works at the ship, comes home only once every 4 months. I am a lawyer. I have no time to talk to my husband, home or work, and to my husband. Even if she does a video call, I won’t show the child. All this happened in our house.


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