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Bigg Boss missed the groove of season 3 game. The Big Boss title has already been fixed .. Contemporants in Direct Like Eliminated Himaja have commented that the dramas are being played by voting nominations for making fools of the crowd. This seems to be true if you look at the conditions in the house right now.

While Rahul, Varun, Purnavi and Mahesh Vittam are currently in the 11th week nominations, Saturday’s episode did not know whether Rahul was making great games or reuniting with Puliyora, but he was safe. Surprisingly, saving the first nominated contender, Rahul, is a lesser-known stone task.

The rest of Mahesh Vitta , Varun and Purna are in the final contender race to save Varun. Voting asked the audience who would be nominated for the rest of the revival, Mahesh Vittam.

By Sunday, however, the situation had completely changed. The ‘Telugu Time’ Opinion poll was conducted on who will be eligible for the Contestants in the Nominations from 1st to 11th week. However, the poll was conducted on who will be nominated in the 11th week.

Not only this poll .. but also polls in other social media polls against revival. Fixing that the revival will be eliminated this week. But if Rebirth is nominated there is a lot of loss in terms of Bigg Boss rating. Because she’s become a ratings source for Bigg Boss in terms of glamor, affairs, love and chemistry with Rahul. It seems that Bigg Boss is ready to save Pune and send out Mahesh Vitta.

If the Bigg Boss Show bell goes on every day .. Rahul, Riranvi, Ravalikkal, Swing, Romantic, Muttukaltan, for about 20 minutes, the Big Boss strategy can be understood.

Even if the audience wants to eliminate such contexts .. Bigg Boss is the worst trash task ever with her new rules. How to save Rahul. In the past week, audiences have been torched over votes cast from Audiences over a Big Dec selfie game. See and Eliminate Mahesh? Or whether a reissue suite case is warranted. Apart from these two, it is important to see how these two eliminate the two and give Bigg Boss the Big Twist.

But in the context of the Big Boss house, the resurgence is not just for the show organizers. Bigg Bosses play her game, play it, participate in the game, or do not, even though I switched to not being in the Bigg Boss house, Bigg Boss is bullshit Anna, she gets the hype she needs. If the show is broadcast hourly then the focus on the revival will be 20 minutes. Rahul – Revival will increase for 30 minutes, it is a different matter.

Morrow has no discussion between Rahul and Rahul over issues like love, romance and dating. Rahul always behind Rahul .. Rahul next to Rahul. Big Boss goes to the house to play the game. If the members of the house are saying that something is going on between them, Nagarjuna will be the chemistry workout between the two. Something is said to be running. Nagarjuna is not running the show without discussing the Rarnavi-Rahul love track, even if the occasion does not come.

Revival porn juice ..
The latest promo for Sunday’s episode has been released. Nagarjuna, who manages the show as a Sun Day Fun Day, is celebrating at the Bigg Boss House on the occasion of Navratri. Each of the contents of each of the chemicals is dissolved in their performance. The reunion has revealed the erotic juices of her. ‘All eyes are shameful .. All is one shame’, skirt waist in the skirt. Rahul put his hands on his head as he saw her and not me. Rahul, who was impressed by her beauty, made nine marks.

Nagarjuna Entry .. Nine Markula for Purnavi? Rahul replied that ‘why she is ashamed’ and hence the nine marks. Nagarjuna is not ashamed of it .. “It is not shameful. Will Baba Bhaskar and Mahesh Vittams get pearls? Comedy is cultivated.

Somewhere in Hollywood, Bigg Boss has become a big success with Salman Khan as the host in Hindi. Bigbass is currently running the 13th season. Pornstar Sanni Leon became popular with this show. The program then debuted in various regional channels across the country. Here, too, the audience is bragging about this reality show. Bigbas season 3 is currently running in Telugu. NTR and Nani hosted the first two shows. Nagarjuna is the host for the third season. BigBass will be completing 77 days this Sunday. That means Bigg Boss Show Season 3 has just 23 days to go.

It is reported that the stars of the show are well informed by the participants of the show. Contestants who came out of the bigdie house of Alredi revealed how many people have touched. It is customary to give a remuneration of Rs. On the other hand, there is another account for this. According to this calculation, the winner of the Big Bass exit is Frieze Money. These shocking revelations have been revealed in interviews with several YouTube channels.


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