07-08-2019 Bigg Boss Tamil 3 7th August 2019 Vijay Tv Show: Kamal Hasan Written Updates

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Please request Sakshi as the Bigg Boss. Big Boss 3 does not clean the house for the audience. Sakshi has been criticized for being the villain of the Bigg Boss house, playing small and minor roles in the films. On the other hand, Sakshi is the art of punching the backs of others.

Julie Viewers who witness the work of Sakshi have said that Julimma is everything gold and fairy. Until the start of season 3 of Bigg Boss, Julie’s fake, fake look is currently feeling. Viewers are saddened by how many days Julie has scolded him for being nothing compared to Cynicism.

Counterfeit drive The audience does not like the fact that Bigg Boss continues to save Sakshi. Not surprising, though, that Bigg Boss chased Sakshi. Viewers are skeptical that Bigg Boss is doing something as sarcastic as last year’s Aishwarya Dutta was trying to save Dutta.

Visitors Evict shouldn’t be doing everything from Big Boss’s home to Sakshi. Get rid of him. Only then are we relieved, ”observers said. Sakshi’s face is so dark that it is dark. Knowing all this, Sakshi is often seen in the Bigg Boss, making the audience angry.

Irritable Seeing Sakshi is annoying. He complains anyway. If you talk, sing, complain, play, complain, what’s the Bigg Boss come home ?. It is as if fellow competitors are afraid of Sakshi. No one is coming near him. Despite this, a visitor said, “No, just noin.”

Abhirami Mukeni, who is participating in the Pikpas event, said the word. Abhirami fell in love with Gavin within 24 hours of his arrival at Pikpas’ house. Gavin also told his girlfriend. But Gavin, the sea party, refused to accept Abhirami’s love that all love would not fall to us. Gavin then fell in love with Sakshi.

Comfort with the face Gavin then breaks off the romance and ties the knot with Laslia. Abhirami tried to put medicine on the face of Gavin’s wound.

Abhirami seeks to overcome it with love. Muken is in the mood to claim that he has a girlfriend, but that Abirami Muken will never get over.

Abirami does not listen to Muken many times, saying that it is friendly to us. In the promo, released today, Abhirami told Muken that I love you. You say nothing. That’s what I said.

Abhirami already loved the poem and spoiled the name. Abirami’s photo posted as You Are Mine, hugging a young man inadequate, went viral on the social network.

3 people left Fans who are excited to see Abhirami fall in love, are screaming that you are not ashamed, and that only Pandpas are home to Sandy, Darshar and Cheran, and I Love You.


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