07-09-2019 Bigg Boss Tamil 3 7th September 2019 Vijay tv Show: Kamal Hasan Written Update

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Kamal’s first promo for Bigg Boss event Actor TV Kamal Haasan meets the contestants who have participated in Biggbas show weekly Saturdays and Sundays via Akam TV. Pikpas will then discuss the week-long events at home. Actor Kamal Haasan will meet the Housemates today. The first promo for this has been released.

Ready for sacrifice Actor Kamal Haasan, curiously depressed, Salipa Irukkunga, Ready for the sacrifice, so much seriousness began to play.

It’s time to say Success is the key, and somehow there is an ambition that will win once and for all. Kamal says it’s time to take the second best.

The sacrifice of Kavin Losliya said she was going to be sacrificing for Kavin at the PigPass event. Kavin said he was going to sacrifice for Darshan, Sandy, Losliya and Muken. But the idea is that all of them are acting and talking about getting the votes.

Will know today So far, only Sehran, Muken and Sherin seem to be playing honestly at the Bigg Bosss house. But tonight we will find out by whom Kamal spoke.

Director Saravanan Meenakshi has gone viral over the selfie of Kavin, who is participating in the Pikpas event.

Kavin is a Vijay TV participant in the Bigg Season 3 show. Kavin, also known as Kavi Rajan at the school, changed his name to Kavin for Media.

Saravanan Meenakshi aired on Vijay TV. Kavin became famous by this.

Kavin who uses women

Kavin, who is currently attending Bigg Boss Season 3, is celebrating life with romance and women. Kavin has used women as a toy and as a means of success.

Is sacrificing

Dialogue is currently talking about giving up his win for his friends and sacrificing for them on the Bigg Bosss show. But observers have suggested that his talk is a ploy he has undertaken.

Kavin may be out

Kavin’s popular Saravanan Meenakshi serial director Praveen Bennett has spoken to a YouTube channel about Kavin. It is currently going viral on Twitter. It’s good to see Kavin come out without a bad name again. Kavin Saravanan Mevinakshi Serial during the Kavin is different.

Just a little guessing

Kavin is the reason behind the completion of Saravanan Meenakshi serial. Saravanan Meenakshi has started to change a little bit with the popularity he got through the serial. Saravanan said that Kavin got other things through Meenakshi, that he was going to quit thinking about the serial.

How do I grow?

He did not ask how much. There are 40 families who depend on this serial. Kavin said his life was important to him, even when he told them to think. Thinking about 40 families, how can I grow? He asked me how I would get to the next stage.

Kavin refused

When Bharathi Kannamma Serial came along and asked her to congratulate her on her Instagram page, she refused. Not even helping that grow. You are changing, Kavin, don’t change.

Be in love “The Kavin I had when I was there is now the Kavin,” Director Praveen Bennett said. And before the Bigg Bosss show, everyone had questions about whether or not Kavin had any love. Kavin has to. He has said so. Praveen Bennett is beautiful.

Kavin who plays

Kavin is not even grateful to the director who brought up himself. Kavin has made it a point to end the urgent need for Saravanan Meenakshi’s 40 families who have relied on the serial to care for their lives. Kavin’s friends are playing dicey as a dice.


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