07-09-2019 Bigg Boss Telugu 3 7th September 2019 Maa Tv Show: Nagarjuna Written Episode Updates

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The Bigg Boss House was packed with some fun, some emotions, and some pranks. In today’s episode, some fun was created with the Epson task. Talking about Baba Bhaskar and Mahesh’s behavior at the end of the day, Rarnavi, Rahul, Vitika and Varun were highlighted.

In the case of Baba Bhaskar, who won yesterday’s task, the captain of the party .. Shilmukku only defeated Shrimukhi. Srimukhi appealed to Baba Bhaskar to forgive her. The newly elected captain assigned tasks to all members of the household. Added new rules. Clean the sofas in the garden area by Srimukhi. Shirmukhi with Shilpa and Sivajothi has made a lot of fun comments. They were told that Mashtar was biased because of the female captain.

As part of the Epson task .. He divided the household members into five pairs. For this task, Srimukhi was appointed as the Manager. Rapid fire like to answer .. who jokes that the answer to the answer will be the winner. In that task, Mahesh told the funny answer to Bigbas. Mahesh was awarded the Epson Happy Face of the Day T-shirt.

Letters from their family to BigBass housemates .. They have their favorite recipes. Every housemate read their messages. They also had lunch together, sending their favorite recipes. After that Baba Bhaskar Mahesh seems to be a bit upset. Srimukhi, Himaja and Ali tell the tribe that the tribe has fallen.

Vitika questioned Rahul as he was not feeling any remorse . Don’t even love a little? Asked by Vitika .. Rahul said he would go and ask for a reunion if he liked. When Varun questioned her about the same thing, Varun said, “Rahul means love but not love”. Rahul re-covered it as a joke. And finally we’ll see where their story goes.

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