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The elimination of the house, Constant Himaja has alleged that Bigg Boss is helping Srimukhi completely. In a recent interview, Himaja shared her experiences on Bigg Boss Season 3. It is alleged that Big Boss show organizers are preferred by Srimukhi. Himaja alleged that Sreemukhi was provoked by a special jingle called “Bigbasku Basu Nuvvamma” and that she thought it was going to be a false message in the audience, but that the show’s organizers had on several occasions leaned towards Srimukhi. Himaja said that even in the case of screen Presence Srimukhi Seine, who is more than all, telecast.

Himaja alleges that Bigbas is mostly focused on Srimukhi, and that Big Boss housemates are of the same opinion. Himaja claims that Srimukhiyi Winner is already leaving the crowd, and when doing the tasks, Srimukhi goes to the camera and gives Bigg Boss the sittings.

Bigg Boss Telugu Season Final The revival came out in the latest elimination. The game that Big Boss plays is more intriguing to everyone than the game that Contemporaries play in Bigg Boss. Big Boss is giving the audience unexpected shock by eliminating those who are considered to be the hardest contenders in Bigg Boss. An example of this is the re-departure of the latest elimination. Renaissance is one of the Tough Contestants in Bigg Boss. Audiences are getting fed up with her analysis of her fellow contestants. The subject appears in the form of netizens’ tweets.

In fact, everyone was shocked during the reunion elimination. Rahul Sipliganj in particular, however, wept. Vekki wept while singing about the reunion. But the revival acted as a balance. Once again, flashbacks, Rahul Sipliganjak Fake Elimination was in the house of Revivali. Even the pain in the mind did not come out. But, Rahul could not tolerate it. He wept over the pain of being gone again. Strangely in the past, when men were told to cry during a task, Rahul could not do it. But, now he wept.

Females are very emotional, where they cry for everything. But in the case of Rahul and Purna, it has been reversed. The Rahul Fake Elimination was not an original case. Rahul, however, cried during the recurring elimination.

‘Ninu vidi ponandi is my life My meditation is my meditation Half the rest of the body The statute says Pone Lane Yours Emaipotane nivantu if, “he punarnavi velipoyindanna piccodayyela the Big Boss house Rahul grief. Rahul is crying tears as he leaves the Bigg Boss house after being taken out of the Bigg Boss house.

Rahul drowned in the sad ocean after Sunday’s episode was a rematch. Videndra Babu so much crying did you love this Deep Deep as Marjuna says Nagarjuna? He was skeptical.

But Revival Of The House Of The Big Boss As Rupaul Has Been Love Trap For A Long Time. Sadly, Rahul jokes that the light is like Teesco Rahula.

Season 2 interviews with Palihora Raja Tanish, who is coming out of the Bigg Boss house. Tanesh praises the beauty of the reincarnation of the tribe. If Tanish praises her beauty in the background, the song ‘If the sky girl is Neela’, the opera babu seems to be.

After you start the interview, what will you name the book Bigg Boss? Asked about the actual matter, Rahul.

Tell me a little hammer What’s your opinion on Rahul? That is My best Best Best friend emphasizes Punno. He is feeling very much. “There are a lot of people who scream for me,” said Tanishq.

Want to say goodbye? Have you seen the expressions in Wadi’s face? Rahul jokes about Rahul. After going home in this regard, Maanna will give me a good look, ‘said the tribe. Overall the viewers who saw the promo of the episode are reunited and the jokes on Tanish are exploding. ” Guruvinda nut kuttunnu pullakunnu pullakunnu pattalunnu allmanamendi tannikittu babu. In total, two tigers met. Babu Tanisha You can’t see your over action Stop it, Babu But you can’t find anybody other than you as an anchor for those Big Boss’? That is commenting.

Sadly , it is sad that the original revival of Elimination from Bigg Boss and the loss of Rahul. Nagarjuna’s host of Bigg Boss Season 3 has been reimagined in the 11th week episode .

The glamorous touch to Bigg Boss House, a reunion of host Nagarjuna’s Love Track with Rahul, lasted 11 weeks and Big Boss House was finally out on Sunday. Sadly Rahul became like Devadas when she walked out. Anger drowned in the ocean. Singing a song called ‘Aimayapayave’, weeping for Punno.

Rahul’s cry for not being able to cope with Rahul Punnoo crying so much .. Dances Celebrated Celebrated Elimination, which indirectly caused her to be eliminated in Week 9. Himaja shared the video on her Instagram. The blow to the blow .. Himaja reacted to the revival action. The video is currently going viral on social media.

However, along with Himaja Fans, Eliminated Ravi Krishna Fans are also celebrating as a social media platform for recurring eliminations. Revival fans, however, are fuming over the Himaja Celebrations video.

Meanwhile, the revival is up to the 11th week. If she wants to be housed in the Bigg Boss house so far .. Big Boss Followers says she needs to be eliminated within two or three weeks of the game. Rahul, Varun, Mahesh and Reunion are in the 11th week of nominations.

Mahesh Vitta’s comments are true, “Mahesh Witta is still playing the game with the strategy of Nineetha. Even though the 11th week is over, Rarnavi has not started playing the game yet. There is nothing better in terms of task or performance. If ever the group tied up with Rahul, Vitika and Varun, they would have said that, head to head lectures, face to face in the game.

If Rahul and Revival are the captains in the house, the rest of them are captains and they can understand how much the game is worth. The nominations were then Nagarjuna garu .. The speeches that were given were as apamma .. thallo. When she didn’t play the game .. I was only playing karate .. The rest of the people were just speechless. But since more than half of the members of the House were renegades and batch members, her nominations then escaped until the 11th week. She finally broke her speed in the 11th week.

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