08-08-2019 Bigg Boss Tamil 3 8th August 2019 Vijay Tv Show: Kamal Hasan Written Updates

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Bigg Boss has given some special powers to the new housemate of Bigg Boss. With that, he is singing to his fellow contestants. Actress Kasturi comes in with Bigg Boss house with gift box. He was already criticizing Bigg Boss contestants on the outside. Given the opportunity to meet in person right now, he is asking them all the questions he wants to ask. In addition, Big Boss has given him some special power. Just goat kasturi. If you get special power, you should ask. Like taking out rivals at home. In the third promo, there are scenes about it.

Sherin sentenced: In a previous promo, Kasturi asked a question that was answered by Sherein. It was the perfect nosakat for musk. Not sure if the deception comes to mind, Sherin is sentenced in the bathroom to the grove.

Inverted Sakshi: Already, there is talk that Sakshi is more of a problem with the arrival of musk. In the first promo, Kasturi asks Sakshi to ask some questions. In this promo, he put Sakshi upside down in the bathroom. He stands for sin no other way.

Fans: Imagine what punishment Laslia had for them. When the cause was out, Kasturi was critical of Lazlia. He said he liked him at the beginning of the show and now his mind has changed.

Expectation: Accordingly, it is not known whether Laslia will be punished or summoned. But it can be hoped that Seran will not be punished anyway. The reason is that he is not aware of the fans outside Cheran. Similarly, people are anxious about what other competitors will be punished for.

Madhumita Task participated in the Bigpas event is different. Madhumita performs well in every task given weekly at the Biggbass. Madhumita also mixed in the village task. Madhumita as the goddess of saroja in last week’s dress-up task. Saroja became a goddess in style, style and style of dance and entertained the audience.

Just like men In yesterday’s task of the Bigpas show, the task was given to the female housemates to act like the men in the Bigpas house.

Mixed Mummita By then, Madhumita was acting like Cheran. Madamita, like Cheran, mixed with manicurism, dialogue delivery, body language.

Different Level Fans who have seen Madhumita’s act have praised Taskunnu Vritta Madhumita as a different model and a different level.

You deserve it Taskkunnu vanda madhumita is none other than yesterday. He said you deserve it.

Super like Cheran Madhumita Cheran is like Sappara Pattinarinka Nattison says.

Playing correctly Madhimitadan is one of the hottest competitors in the Biggbas house. She can use some fighters for the match, but is playing the right way. Good for him.

Nothing like that Acting Taskula Madhumidan Best Muttah Everything is like this act says Nattisan.


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