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Cheran has been sent to the Secret Room after being expelled from Bigpass. The director who plays in the BigPass is playing very honestly. His honesty is very appealing to the people. The man is playing nicely without talking about anyone. Kamal Haasane has praised him many times.

Kamal called out It was reported that Cheran had left Pikpas’ house yesterday. In the promo released today, Karan showed off the card with the name of Cheran.

Cheran in the Secret Room Cheran also thanked Sir Bigpas leaving the house. It is reported that Cheran Pikpas has been sent to the Secret Room of the house.

Cheran banned for love So far, Kavin has been talking poorly behind Cheran. Seran was mistaken about his love for Laslia, thinking he was an obstacle.

Gaggle She also taunted Cheran by falsely claiming to be her daughter and pretending to be affectionate and that all she does is drama. And even though Lasallia has spoken well of Cheran, she has been angry and refrained from talking about him.

Cheran will understand Kavin will surely be talking about the thought that Cheran is out. Similarly, Cheran understands that Laslia was really affectionate towards Cheran.

The mask will be torn down This is definitely an opportunity for Cheran to know and understand who was true to him, as he was true to others. He is given a chance to understand Seran more than others make it clear. Anyone who knows that the mask was played by Cheran.

Nattisans have been washing away Darshan who spoke against Kamali at the Bigg Boss event. Darshan and Vanitha have been selected as the Task’s Best Performer this week at the BigPass event. But Sherin and Darshan don’t like Vanitha’s choice. Have you chosen yourself as the best performer in today’s promo? Kamal said that everyone should speak up and choose for themselves.

Responding to this, Cheran said, “We chose to talk to all four.” But Darshan said no. Seeing this, the netizens are pouring the washing up asking why they didn’t.

Darshan What do you do when you discus? Now tell me why? This is not to say that applause should be played properly.

The good thing you did at Darshan Bigpas’ house was to question Vanitha for the first time. So not all the things you do and ask questions are right. This netizan says that all your arguments are pure waste.

Actor Kamal Haasan is still ugly today at the Bigg Boss event. Just like actor Kamal Haasan was targeted this week by Vanitha Vijayakumar, who was in the show. Yesterday, the next person superficially told not to interfere in the matter. Kamal is still making a mark on him today. In the first promo released today, let me talk a little bit, ‘Kamal, who broke his nose, continues to make him ugly.

The question of Kamal This was revealed in the second promo released today. In this week, actor Kamal Haasan asks who is the best performer this week.

Kavin is Happy Sherin responds as Vanitha and Darshan. Immediately Kamal asks if you have made a choice? Kavin then laughs and nods his head as he bites his lip.

Get rid of Vambula Vanitha says no to it. Kamal asks again, as everyone is talking and selecting, people are clapping. Kamal says, “I have to clap myself for everything.

Darshan Denial All four of us decided to talk, says Cheran. But Darshan says no. People cheer for this. This is the second promo.

Vanitha is being tutored Kamal, who made Vanitha one way yesterday, is still too much to say for him today. But Kavin keeps silence without asking anything.

Review Some of Kamali’s social networks have been praising Kamali for spinning the chat only to Vanitha. Some have been severely criticized.


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