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Mahesh Vitta .. His slang and language are his main strength in the Bigg Boss house. The punches he utters in the slang seem to be heard over and over again. He can also make good marks in comedy. Mahesh, who has been a believer in Baba Bhaskar since the first episode, reached the age of 11 and became a Brother in the Bigg Boss house.

Mahesh, who says that his face looks like it was in the beginning .. He slowly changed his game strategy. There is a tinge of contempt amongst the contenders, and here he says that his character is a comedy piece. Mahesh Vitta was the only Missing in the 11th week of Elimination. Mahesh Witta survived the last minute as the revival was eliminated . However, he lost the nomination task on Monday and is back in the elimination zone.

Os Wadi Tassadiya.. Soggadu made his entry into the Bigg Boss house. Dussehra is celebrating with festivities. Host Nagarjuna Dasara, who has been cheering on Bigg Boss Stage for 79 episodes , debuted at Bigg Boss House today with Bigg Boss Constants. When the promo for this episode was released .. Nagarjuna shines in the traditional costumes of ‘Bangarrajula Panchkatty’ in ‘Soggade Chinninayana’.

Shocked contenders for Soggadi Sadeen entry enjoy the original Sisulu Dasara festival. In the Bigg Boss house, Nagarjuna looks at the whistles and whistles. Srimukhi, however, opens her loudspeaker and screams.

Nagarjuna’s Bigg Boss House is all over the place. Host Nagarjuna is celebrating the Dussehra with Constants as Os Wadi Tassadiya. That promo is for you.

Mahesh lost his nomination on Monday in a trolley task. However, his treatment after the nomination has drawn criticism. The audience who saw this episode was Mahesh Witta, who was describing him as Bigg Boss Narada.

In Monday’s episode, he sharpened the tension in the Big Boss house, fulfilling his reputation as a tomboy. Mahesh, Varun, Vitika and Rahul, who lost in Monday’s trolley task, went into the nominations. However, Vitika saved herself from the direct authority given to her by Bigg Boss and escaped the nomination.

After the elimination, Mahesh Vitta .. Vitika, Varun and Rahul sharpened the task of pulling. Until yesterday, the teacher called Baba Bhaskar as an ally. Baba Bhaskar opened his mouth to say “Mithralabham”. Varun, Vitika, Rahul and Mahesh who lost in the game as Madhela Dura, lost the game.

But Mahesh about Baba Bhaskar .. Varun, Vitika, Rahul and Chulakana spoke and cheered. He never gave a statement. Once again, Baba, Srimukhi, Ali, Sivajiothi come to you and they think about you? That is the point. I am not making fun of him .. He said that the discussion between them made him a favorite.

Rahul and Sreemukhi, however, revealed the character of Mahesh saying that Mahesh is pulling the tension between the two groups. Mahesh too got caught up in the big bass cameras between the two.

Mahesh is tired of the crowd and the crowd is cheering. Challe Narada Mahesh .. The bag is being commented on. However, Big Boss Followers believes that Mahesh is the third of the three nominations to be nominated this week.

Rahul is unable to cope with the revival being eliminated. She smiles happily .. Rahul stays in the ocean, remembering her. In today’s episode, weeping and crying lover. Varun has taken the task of controlling him. Rahul said the tribe was worried that the situation would be just like him if he did not raise the will of anyone. After I left, Duterte also uttered the word in his mind to see if Revival would remember me. She opened up to new suspicions that her boyfriends would dive all over the Mind.

Sreemukhi alerts the nominees to the nomination day and see who is busting the nomination today.

Vithika, on the other hand, sat beside Varun and kissed. Out of the 17 contenders, I feel great to be here. Winning the Bottle of the Medallion was enough for me. Celebrating at our house. Vitika the Great .. Vitika was great and she was very happy.

Ali and Shivaji started the debate on the nominations. Ali went into the house after the wild card entry. Akka … akka who is busy in the house with the sales of the salesman. In today’s episode, the same thing was done.

Task week .. Safe parking for the nomination

in the 12th week of eliminesanslo naminesanski sounded the bells of Big Boss. Eight trolleys were given to the eight contenders present in the house. Only seven parking lines were offered. Whoever puts their trolley in front of the parking place will be saved from the nominations.

Varun in the first round, Vitika in the second round, Mahesh in the third round and Rahul in the fourth round. Varun, Vitika, Rahul and Mahesh Vittam are all nominated for the 12th week.

However, Vitika was the winner of the Bottle of the Medallion, and she escaped with this direct nomination. So one of Mahesh Vitta, Varun and Rahul is going to be eliminated this week. Host Nagarjuna is making her entry into the Bigg Boss house in tomorrow’s episode. Big Boss is buzzing in the house in traditional costumes during Dussehra. Bigg Boss AppDates continue. More details on tomorrow’s episode.

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