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Nattisans lament that actress Kasthuri nomads have moved to the Sasikumar Range as they look to be the villain of Laslia and Gavin. The Big Boss house is weedy with the arrival of musk. He has transformed the Bigg Boss house into a riot for days. Appreciating the muskuriya that the first day of the war, Sakshi is upside down, Sherein is embroidered, Madhumita is embraced by Darshan, Kavita writes as a nostril

In this case, in the first promo released this morning, Kasturi nodded, questioning her tongue. He compared Kavin to Vadivelu and turned it into a comedy piece.

This question of musk has intrigued Bigg Boss fans. Fans were expecting Kasturi to be sure to hit the cover today. But that expectation has been broken by a second promo.

‘Even though Gavin’s name is still in his mind,’ says Kasthuri, who is singing a romantic bow. Hearing this, Sakshi’s face explodes like mustard in hot oil.

The nomads are Sasikumar “I thought that Kasturi would be a villain to Lazlia and Gavin after watching Mutul Promo.

STATTERGY OF KASTURI But if you look at the Bigg Boss show, Kasturi’s stateroom is well understood. His work, which came yesterday and never came, has earned a good reputation among the people. What is it about Musk that keeps watching the Bigg Boss show so easily?

Chennai: The Kajal supporters have been roasting Kavil because of her ex-husband’s friend. Vijay TV celebrity Gavin is in love with the four girls in the Biggpas house. Gavin bought Kamal saying he loved four people to pay the continent. Gavin admitted his mistake. However, the actress and Sandy’s ex-wife, Kajal, have advocated for Gavin’s wrongdoing.

In a tweet posted by her, a woman mentioned Abhi’s name saying she could love two people but questioned whether it was wrong to pretend to be a boyfriend.

Nettisans have argued that Kajal’s discussion was wrong. Abhirami began to love Mukhen when Gavin disobeyed her.

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