09-09-2019 Bigg Boss Tamil 3 9th September 2019 Vijay tv Show: Written Episode Update

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Vanitha Vijayakumar has caught up with housemates in the Biggpass show. Actress Vanitha usually speaks up. He will speak there. One side is that he will burn up and quarrel. At the same time, Patena would question anyone if they were wrong. Vanitha has also questioned why Kamal Haasan and Biggbas are hosting the show. Read more at: https://tamil.filmibeat.com/television/house-mates-nominated-vanitha-for-eviction-062897.html

Accusation Thus, many within Pikpas’ house see him as an enemy. Housemates are putting the blame on him, especially the next one.

Name of Vanitha Nomination process is taking place today at Pikpas home on Monday. Whole housemates nominate Vanitha.

Inserts the nose Darshan, Sandy and Muken nominate Vanitha’s name. Darshan claims that Vanitha is unnecessarily inserting her nose into everything, exacerbating the problem of nothingness.

Dirty Game Following this, Vanitha, who walks into the Confession Room, nominates Darshan. He continued to speak, I have a nomination list for Darshan. Dirty Politics Play Dirty Game. Vanitha says that I can not be idle without seeing it.

Deviation from the task Vanitha has no choice but to stay inside the Bigbas house as Cheran leaves. Vanitha, who wants to get out of the house, gets away from Captain Task.

To be continued If a captain wins the task, nobody can nominate Vanitha. In the event of such a situation, Vanitha Pikpas should continue at home. With this in mind, Vanitha stepped down from Captain Task.

Visitors hand The housemates nominated him just as he wanted. Vanitha has come to expect, and it is in the hands of the audience to keep Pikpas home and out.

Darshan has left his post as captain this week at Bigg Boss. After Cheran stayed in the secret room yesterday, only seven contestants remain in the Bigg Boss house. This has caused the show to rally. Who’s going to overtake? Who’s going to quit? Tension exists among audiences. Kavin went straight to the nomination last week for not doing the pillow task properly.

New Operation Cheran’s departure came as a shock, as he was expected to be fired last week. But Bigg Boss launches a new operation to keep him in the secret room. The result will be visible in a day or two.

Captain Task In the first promo released this morning, Vanitha, Losliya and Darshan will be competing for the title of captain. In the palm of the trio should stand 2 paws and stand in half. Who stands out most this time is this week’s captain.

Dear Darshan, Vanitha Vanitha is the first to withdraw from the competition. Darshan also quits following him. Losliya says no one wants to be a captain. This came as a shock to Darshan’s fans.

2nd Promo In this case, today’s second promo has been released. Losliya asks Darshan why he gave up the captain’s post. Darshan responds by saying that he is safe and that Losliya is forced to prove himself as captain.

Losliya who refuses But Losliya says she does not want to give up the captaincy. The question is whether Losliya will be named captain this week. Maybe if he becomes captain, he’ll be safe this week.

Darshan for the 2nd time Darshan has already left the captaincy once for Abhi. Similarly, Sandy has also given up once for wine. But what Darshan has done now is a big blow. The reason is that all seven contestants at home this week are important.

Lasliya The expectation of who is going to quit is high among people. Perhaps Darshan comes to the nomination, but he gets more votes. He wasn’t going to quit. But the situation of Losliya is not. He has been constantly nominated for the past few weeks.

Complimentary Therefore, Darshan has now left the rank of captain in brotherly affection to save him. Darshan and Losliya are both from Sri Lanka. Also, Losliya was in the nomination last week. He is now being hailed as the responsible brother for saving him.


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