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Bigg Boss Telugu 3 Elimination: In the Season 3 of Bigg Boss Season 7, Ali, the Strong Constant, becomes king eligible. However, there is a social media debate about the common eligible contender. But Ali Eliminate, however, trolling is coming on Shivaji. The reason?

Everyone’s performing at Bigg Boss House? In the Oscar range. Now you take a close .. You do not know how to command the online producer constants to break up with the expression, but .. Pavala Performance is less than rupees.

However, yesterday’s count was the culmination of the emotional performance of the protesters during Ali Raja’s elimination in last night’s episode, as one count from yesterday. Boru Boruna wept as she was eliminated from the Ali Raza show as a strong contender in the seventh week .

Ali, who has been with her for 50 days, has been shocked by the crowd and with the contestants. What happens? It is clear that the performance of the Big Boss from the first elimination was not taken into consideration by Tamanna. If performance is brought into the pargana .. nominal players like Rarnavi and Vitika should always get out of the Bigg Boss house. In order to send out a reunion .. Big Boss started playing Love with Rahul. The romance between husband and wife, Varun and Vithika, was initially romantic.

Because the wives and husbands are clashing in the pakint, our ears are there. Real couples go to a reality show and there is a lot of confrontation. So it seems clear cut that Bigg Boss doesn’t want to destroy these two pairs by elimination.

Putting this aside, yesterday’s episode comes to mind when Ali Raja is eliminated. Nagm predicts that Srimukhi and Rahul will be safe in the five eliminations. The rest of Mahesh, Ali and Ravi gave Ali a shock when Ali was eliminated. What started out as an emotional game at Bigg Boss House.

“You have to lose” .. You are eliminated in the range of the antira .. One man over the other gave performance in Weerawalle. Strangely enough, those who voted for Ali were not eligible to stay at home and tried to make Janani mad at them.

The elimination process last week .. The wild card entry was made by Shilpa Chakraborty. Rahul, Baba Bhaskar, Mahesh, Varun, Vithika, Purna and Srimukhi were sent to Ali Raza Elimination in pairs. One sivajyoti , directly or indirectly, all but Ali eliminesanki himajalu are pungent.

After Tira Ali was eliminated .. the way they behaved made the audience laugh. Performance in this range is not exaggerated, even if there are many. There is much to be said about Sivaji Jothi in particular here.

Tinmar Savitri (Sivaji Jothi), who entered the Bigg Boss house exceptionally well, could be counted on his fingers for the seventh day in 50 days. The tap is automatically opened from her eyes even if the little thing is in discussion with her. Host Nagarjuna is also terrified of her crying, which could mean that Shivaji is in the over crying range.

The crowd laughed a bit if she was crying last night. Apavamma thali .. a cry of your crying. Ali was just eliminated and he was not gone. Audiences are relying on social media to understand how far Shivaji has gone.

Sister, as he was slandered .. Ali’s younger brother, love and affection may be common. But her Sivajyoti is so much more. But if it is in this range we are difficult to tolerate, Sivajiotti means that she is reacting to a range in which she is playing on social media. Let’s take a look at some of the trollings coming out on social media on Ali Raza Elimination and Sivaji Jyoti.

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