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Sreemukhi steps into the Bigg Boss house saying, ‘For this moon night .. For the moon’s heat .. Cavala hug’ . Constituents are busy making fun of Ful Khushi as Cupid appears in Nagarjuna’s Bigg Boss House. Nagarjuna, who walked into the house from the Bigg Boss stage during Dussehra, rose to prominence in yesterday’s (October 09) episode. Soggade Chinninayana buzzed in the house. Read Also: I am a big bully in Tenali.. About Me

There will be a nagging buzz in Wednesday’s episode. Recently released the promo for this episode .. Nagarjuna is playing with the contestants. They are generating fun by giving them a variety of funny tasks. Punches are also in the same range.

Especially when Varuna is playing fruit with Vitika .. Fruits are eating with Varun. You are not given banana fruit. Ali’s eyes are being made by Kattimari Mahesh.

Nagarjuna is doing a belly dance with her. Dancing in front of Cupid means that in a small matter, Big Boss host asks for Srimukhi and dances. Big Boss House shakes the waist as she waits for the moon’s heat .. ‘Cavala hug’. If she’s dancing Cupid is mugging. Constants are whistling with whistles.

Looking at the headline .. Want to know the connection between Srimukhi in Bigg Boss House and Megastar Chiranjeevi? However, read this story. In the Bigg Boss house, Srimukhi is very tough. A week-long follow-up to the collision of competitors. That could be the case with tasks. In case of Performance. Srimukhi is replying to other contenders. She is desperate for Big Boss Telugu Season 3 title winner. Public support for this is growing. Already she has created fan pages and Srimukhi Army on social media. Every time she is nominated for elimination .. Srimukhi Fans support her on a large scale. Seeing her not elimination. However, Srimukhi fans or followers have planned to further enhance the existing support.

Recently the megastar Chiranjeevi Saira Narasimhareddy’s film has been released. The movie came to theaters on October 2. Fans are also queuing up in theaters as the megastar craze and the history of Uyyalavada Narasimhareddy. Srimukhi Fans tried to convert them into his own fans. Advertisements related to Srimukhi are being played in the theaters of the Megastar Chiranjeevi movie release. Big Boss House is trying to impress mega fans who come to theaters to vote for Srimukhi. Bigg Boss has reached the end of season 3.

All the counters who have come out of the Bigg Boss house are one count. If everyone gets out of the game at Bigg Boss House .. She played games with the Constituents until the 11th week.

After she came out, she shared a post that would upset fans. ‘I take time to recover .. My body, mind full damage’ shared the photo with the make-up, provoking many doubts.

Big Boss 2 gave an exclusive interview with Nutan Naidu, who is a commonman, while the audience was eagerly waiting for her to come on TV. In this, Bigg Boss shared not only house affairs but also personal matters.

I’m slowly recovering from total mind and body damage.But anyway, Happy Navami to all of you! Feels good to be back home right around Dussera.

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My Body and Mind Damage is ‘Total Damage’ is used as a crutch after completing the task at Bigg Boss House. The biggest challenge I have is with the different mindsets at Bigg Boss House. Whenever I go .. Big Boss House, no matter how many days .. For the most part though.

I’ve made a lot of mistakes I have made many mistakes in the Bigg Boss house. Trying to correct them. I am not a normal man .. I can not be perfect in all things. I learned a lot there. Want to go in the 4th week. But coming up to week 11 is no joke. My fans embraced me despite being nominated every week. It takes some time to recover from that Bigg Boss journey and get into real life. Looks like I’m out of Bigg Boss now. The watch is not looking. That’s my body, mind damage.

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