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Visitors have been relieved by the clash inside the Boys Gang in Pikpas’ home.

Five of the Bigg Boss contestants, Kavin, Sandy, Darshan, Muken and Losliya, all put on the same t-shirt and were always saying We Are the Boys.

The clash between them was revealed in the second promo released today. Kavin jumps at Sandy for Losliya. The Nittisans were delighted to see this. They share their views on this.

That’s all Sandy needs

“He knows he has come and has a headache and fever,” Sandy said. How many years of Friendship? Eppidi kicking that grease tap? This is Nattison.

Nattisans share their thoughts on Cheran Kavin’s letter.

Yesterday’s episode aired when Kavin, at Bigpas’ house, urged Losliya to tell him his love. After listening to this, Cheran wrote a letter asking for Kavin to justify it.

Promo about this has been released. Seeing this, the Nittisans share their views.

Look at the Bigg Boss

Vaishnavi and Sujavaruni are waste. Cheran saru is still in the open, but karathu katturaruba. I can only pass Kavin’s face. This is Nettison.

Cheran has written a letter to Kavin urging Losliya to immediately make love to him at the Bigpass event.

Kavin and Losliya are also in love with the PigPass event. This is the second love for Kavin at the Bigpas house.

This thing has gone. But they should not go beyond the boundaries and go out and talk about the matter.

Kamal warned The event’s host, Kamal Haasan, warned as they talked about removing the battery on the mic. If that is something that nobody knows, go outside and talk.

Kavin who insisted Kavin persuaded Losliya to be sure to love herself in yesterday’s episode. But Losliya said no decision here should go out and take care.

Cheran who noticed But don’t let Kavin continue to insist that you say the same thing about my past love. Cheran watched this from the Secret Room, and said that he could go out and talk, but Kavin insisted that it was to escape the nomination.

That’s all In this case, the third promo released today is a letter to director Cheran Kavin. In it, hello brother, I have been talking so far, that both can come out and talk about their wishes, both focus on the game.

Is that fair? But is it fair to call Losliya a love here? Can it be emphasized? It seems so wrong that you can make him a celebrity. Do you stop Cheran asks in the letter.

Losliya, beheaded Darshan didn’t read Kavin’s face to read the letter. Losliya, too, did not bow down. This is the third promo.

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