10-09-2019 Bigg Boss Telugu 3 10th September 2019 Maa Tv Show: Written Episode Update

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The Biggest Reality Show Bigg Boss Successful Full 51 episodes have entered the 52th episode as of Tusday. This episode highlights for you.

It’s hard .. I have a hard time. Even without Ali, I can not tolerate it. In today’s episode of Sivajothi, who broke the tear tap in yesterday’s episode, I was not even able to sleep. Revanna became busy in comforting her.

Emotionally playing with me .. Don’t give me any twist. Ashu and Ali make a comeback. However, I was trying to muster up the courage to play the game .. Ravikrishna baffled her. I was crying together with Sivajiotti.

Meanwhile, Srimukhi made an entry into the scene. Two peukuta you two to sit down crying .. Usually hit the control of Sivajyothi, Ravi. At the beginning of the episode, Baba Bhaskar shed tears that caused Ali Raza to be eliminated.

Eighth Week Elimination Intrusting ..
Ali Raja bag bagged in the seventh week .. Big Boss started the elimination process to send one of the remaining 11 people home in the eighth week . Bigg Boss has split the 11 people in the house into two groups as part of the elimination this week. However, Baba Bhaskar, the captain of the house, was exempted. Group 1 consists of Rahul, Varun, Vithika, Shilpa and Purnavi. Group 2 consists of Ravi, Sivajiothi, Srimukhi, Mahesh and Himaj. Bigg Boss gave the task of telling the correct Reason to take the photos of the two people in their Opposite group and shoot them in the fire.

Whoever nominated him ..

  • Ravi .. Rahul, Shilpa
  • Rarnavi .. Mahesh, Srimukhi
  • Shivajyothi .. Rarnavi, Shilpa
  • Shilpa Chakraborty .. Jyoti, Himaja
  • Srimukhi .. Rarnavi, Shilpa
  • Vidhika .. Ravi, Rahul
  • Himaja .. Shilpa, Vithika
  • Varun .. Mahesh, Himaja
  • Mahesh .. Rurnavi, Varun
  • Rahul .. Srimukhi, Ravi

Most of the elimination process is nominated by Shilpa Chakravarti, Rarnavi, Mahesh, Himaja, Ravi and Srimukhi. Six were nominated.

Baba Bhaskar

is the authority of Big Boss. Baba Bhaskar is the captain of Ravi Safe House. Baba Bhaskar has been saved by Bigg Boss after he was asked to save one of the six nominees for the nomination of Shilpa Chakraborty, Purnavi, Mahesh, Himaja, Ravi and Srimukhi

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