10-09-2019 Bigg Boss Telugu 3 10th September 2019 Maa Tv Show: Written Episode Updates

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The nomination and elimination process has become crucial as Bigg Boss approaches the season 3 finale. The Bigg Boss season began with the 17th Constituents Week 12, with only eight Constants remaining in the House. Of the eight, Varun, who is the strongest contender, will be in the nominees this week.

Overall, Vitika, Varun, Mahesh and Rahul are in the process of being nominated this week. Vitika escaped from the nomination with her direct authority as the winner of the Battle of the Medallion.
The main competition is between Varun, Mahesh and Rahul. and this week, like this week, Telugu Time conducted an Opinion poll on the nominations process. Polls were conducted every week from the elimination of Rohini to the revival. ‘Who is Eliminating Week 12 of Bigg Boss 3 House?’ This week’s Opinions from the audience adopted Telugu time.

Varun Sandesh gave a clear figure of saving from nominations this week like every week. The rest of the Congress, Rahul Mahesh vittala by mid Tough Fight to save a little bit of walking may be .. .. Mahesh vita week plans to eliminate the poll was the result.

48% of Audience’s Mahesh Witten says who will be eliminated in the 12th week. 32 per cent say Rahul Sipliganj will be eliminated today while only 20 per cent will say that Varun will be eliminated.

According to the poll result, Mahesh is eligible for a fight between Rahul and Mahesh. However, there is a slight difference in voting between the two. However, Mahesh has been targeting Vitta House for the past week. Here it is .. Here he is, as a talisman, fulfilling his name. This is the main reason for him being sent out of the Bigg Boss house. On the other hand, in the 11th week, the elimination revival is also strongly promoted to vote for Rahul. Rahul and Mahesh Vittas are out.

Bigg Boss Telugu 3: Big eyes in the Bigg Boss house Big Boss also made an entry into the house, earning lakhs outside as anchor anchor. Since the entry … super-aggressive .. Playing with fellow housemates .. Big boss successfully completes the various tasks given. If that’s the case, since Srimukhi went into the house … we are giving you photos of her beauty, her funniest picks …

Bigg Boss Beauty has started campaigning on behalf of its candidate. Your most precious and most sacred vote is asking voters to punch him. Same .. Kompatasi Political Party after getting eliminated from Bigg Boss? Or joining the existing parties is not the same. Requests viewers to vote for Rahulki, his best friend, as a social media platform.

Bigg Boss is not a script .. it’s all real life. Only one hour of 24-hour airing. The tribe is ashamed of wanting to win Rahul, who is in the nominees this week.

Poll more than two million followers in more than punarnavi now has his focus on the success of the Congress. When he is out of the house, the focus is not on the game.

“Both Rahul and Varun are in the nomination list this week. The deadline for voting, where only a single day of our ‘PVVR’ (punarnavi, Vithika, Varun Gandhi) All Fans Rahul , Varun votes punarnavi wants to go. ‘PVVR’ batch who played well as a group while out in the house.

Rahul and Varun have been asked not to vote for the people who are cheering them on. “I saw that person play after I came out. And here’s what it says here. People are just like that,” said Maheshki in direct punch.

Meanwhile, she was sent out by the audience for a reunion game. Will she be asked to vote for a Palaana person? “Both Rahul and Varun are demanding votes, which could lead to a split. Mahesh is likely to benefit from the comments.


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