10th Jagran Film Festival: The Audience Is Also Entertaining Along With Entertainment Jagaran Film Festival

A large number of viewers reached the first day of the Jagaran Film Festival. The audience of every age group showed enthusiasm about the various films, as well as the curiosity to see celebrities in the debate session. The movement of people’s movement continued between the rainy season. During this time some people shared their thoughts about JFF –

‘If you want to know or understand movies very well, you can not get a better platform than JFF if you want to see a sample of the nuances of art. Films shown here are a mirror of different cultures and feelings.

  • Manav

‘I have been coming here for two years continuously. Here, movies, celebrities, sessions are very informative. The last time the selection of films was very good. This time I have come again because of this because of new films.

‘I go to every film festival. There is something different about this event in Jagaran. The atmosphere here and the variety of films attracts people. I would like to come to this festival every time. ‘

  • Aditi

‘This film festival is different in its own right. You can see movies from any language by coming here. The selection of films is excellent every time. Anil Kapoor, Farah Khan and other film commentators have enlightened the conversation. ‘

  • Ritika

‘I am from Sikkim and watching films I am learning Hindi. Films that can not be seen on the theater or phone can be seen here. I’m excited to see films like Mr. India still on the big screen. ‘

  • Grace

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