11-08-2019 Bigg Boss Tamil 3 4th August 2019 Vijay Tv Show: Kamal Hasan Written Updates

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In yesterday’s episode of the Bigg Boss show, Pikpas called Sandy to the Confession Room, a word that has excited his fans. Three people are in the nomination this week for the BigPass event. Lazlia, Abirami, and Sakshi are. People expect Sakshi to leave this week. According to reports, Sakshithan Pikpas left the house this week.

Song for all three In yesterday’s episode, Bigby called Sandy to the Confession Room. Pikpas told Sandy that three people in the nomination list were working on the song together with Gavin.

Sandy asked curiously He also said that nobody should know this. Well, Sandy, Gurunatha asked curiously whether one of the three would be out tomorrow.

You can go Sisya Peacefully wait for it, then you can go, Sisya said. Hearing this, Sandy kissed I Love You Gurunatha.

Never told anyone So far Pikpas have never told anyone Shishya. Neither has anyone called them other than their name. But Shishya said with just the right of Sandy.

Sema Khushi Thus the Sandy Armians are in Semi Kushi as the Sandy Corner has a pickpack on Sandy. It is noteworthy that Sandy is the best entertainer of the Bigpass season 3 show.

Bigg Boss viewers’ much-anticipated promo video has finally been released. One of the contestants in the Bigg Boss 3 home will be eliminated today. In this case, Kamal Haasan is not talking about Evolution in the first 2 Promo videos released today. In this case, Kamal has spoken to the audience in the 3rd promo video.

Lasliya Kamal reports that Laslia was saved in the 3rd Promo video. (We all know that Kamal sir.) When Kamal said that one of Abhirami and Sakshi was going to quit, he was not surprised. In the promo video, Gavin is terrified of Sakshi going out

Lazlia Army The Laslia Army is delighted to see that Kamal Haasan reported that Laslia was saved. Gavin and Lazlia will no longer be showing themselves as Sakshi is out.

Love When Lazlia started joining Gavin, her name was spoiled. Viewers who have only laughed at LaSlia as Mixer Mamie have been shouting Caucaslia since she began joining Kavin. They have advised him to stay away from Kavin.

Char LaSalia is talking about the weekend with Kamal Haasan putting his toe in the front and shaking it off. And if Kamal Haasan calls Laslia, he doesn’t even ask what sir is only Om. Observers have said that this is a lack of respect and shows Laslia a headache.


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