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Losliya is crying over her father who came home to Bigg Boss.

The Bigg Boss event has reached the final stage. Due to this, Freese has started Tasks. Their family is also brought in to provide Surfers to competitors who have been separated for 80 days.

The first day yesterday, Muken’s family arrived. Housemates celebrated this. In the first promo released today, Cheran Bigg Boss from Secret Room returned home.

Losliya, Cheran, Vanitha and Darshan were delighted when they saw him. Cheran tied up Losliya as my tucker.

In this case, the second promo of today’s Bigg Boss has been released. The entry is revealed in the home of Losliya’s original father, Bigpas.

Entering through the main door of the house to hear the song ‘Ananda Yaavittuyottai’, the father of Losliya. Ten years later, Losliya hugs him and cries.

Other housemates, including Cheran, who sees him crying, are upset. Losliya screamed at the audience.

Losliya cried, saying her father had been working in the cold for decades. Pikpas has brought Losliya a big surprise.

Fans who saw Losliya’s dad at Bigg Boss’ home said he was just like Niramawe Serapa. The family of Losliya, who has been attending the Bigg Boss event, have come home to pickups, which have been broadcast in the promo. Lazlia’s dad is angry at him. Because of his love for Gavin and the way he behaved at the Bigpas house At this point, his fans who saw Losliya’s dad say that he was just like Laurelia.

Don’t comment I am so happy for Losliya, she really is like Cheran. People don’t comment against him! This is Nettison.

Love is limitless They have to control his feelings. Surely he will not be angry with his daughter. This is Nattison’s claim that fathers’ love for daughters is infinite. And he says he looks like Cheran.

Her father has taunted Losliya for her love of poetry at Bigpas. Lazlia and Gavin are also in love with the Bigg Boss show. After Gavin first fell in love with Sakshi, Lazlia got himself in trouble and started to love him. Lazlia grows close to Kavin, knowing that Sakshi and Kavin are in love. He said that it was friendly between Gavin and himself. But after Sakshi went out, he said he was in love with Kavin and wanted to go out and take her to the next level.

Double Meaning This reduced the value of Losliya to the people. They also poured him out on social media. The frequent double meanings often annoyed viewers without even realizing that the world was watching the show.

Not to be seen It is in this case that Biggap’s father arrives today. Ten years later, Lazlia weeps as she sees her father. But he never saw his father again.

This is how I grew up A video of him taunting Losliya has been released. Did you grow up in the Garden Area? He is stern, saying that I should not see the story.

What did you come up with It is Cheran who constantly appeals to him. We didn’t grow up then, what did you say? What I sent you. What are you doing here?

Viral video Losliya is crying because she doesn’t know what to do. The whole housemates are frozen in shock. The video is going viral on social networks.

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