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Vanitha has entered the Biggap’s house as a guest, and without any kindness. Vanitha, who was kicked out of the Bigpas show today, came into the Bigpas house as a guest. Vanitha came to the stage as a rock bottom. Vanita’s visit was revealed in the promo. Following that, the working promos of Vanitha come out in the Bigpas house.

Mirantullanar According to Vanitha, Kasturi, Gavin and Laslia are not letting anyone. Kavin and Laslia were intimidated by Vanita’s visit.

Be begging? Vanitha expanded her shop early in the morning as Mission Laslia, Worthless Gavin. Next, Vanitha returned to Darshan, do you want the title given by others? Vanitha tries to trick others into begging.

Cheran and a hand Anna asked him to give away for the film, what is it in East China? He is followed by father and boyfriend Seran and Laslia.

He has come to an end For giving up, he says that his father would go home if it was Ponnu. When one looks at Vanitha’s actions, it is clear that he has come to an end.

Vanitha Vijayakumar has started her match as a guest at the Bigpass event. Vanitha Vijayakumar was expelled in the second week of the Bigpass season 3 show. After the departure of Vanitha Vijayakumar, the enjoyment of the show became less visible. Pikpas has brought back Vanitha to raise the Pikpas. It was expected that the show would no longer be exhausted. Vanitha has started work at the pace that has come.

Kasturi was trapped Vanitha, who sits in the living area, talks to everyone. Especially when he made a way out of the musk.

The hero, the heroine Last Saturday’s episode, Kamal Haasan asked Kasturi who is your hero in the Biggbas house and told the man to dress up for the evening. But Kasturio said Darshan is Sherin’s heroine and Sherin is Darshan’s hero.

Musk said to change the evening Kasturi said the two could also change the evening. This act of musk struck the audience.

Vanita who broke her nose Vanitha, who was a guest at the Bigpas house today, broke the nose by asking Kasturi face-to-face. Nobody expects this from you. He asks why the evening is too much for Mathura.

The beginning of the game Kasturi tikki not knowing what to say. It was then that they realized that Cheran and Madhumita did not like what Kasturi said. In this case, Vanitha took up the problem today and started her game.


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