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Director Cheran has told his wife not to talk to Losliya anymore.

Director Cheran is the main contender for season 3 of Bigg Boss. There have been many controversies around Cheran this season. Saravanan has been the subject of many controversies, including Meera’s accusation, Kavin – Losliya’s romance.

Directors like Vasanthakumar and Aamir insisted that Cheran should be brought out somehow. All this was terminated by KS Ravikumar.

Big Boss revolves around Cheran

However, the Bigg Boss show revolves around Cheran. Sent out, he stayed in the Secret Room for two days and returned. Seeing Losliya as her daughter is causing her many problems.

The new problem

Now, it is a new issue of Cheran’s own daughter. Bigg Boss is sending his family inside to cheer them up, as 80 days have passed since competitors have come home. The Muken and Losliya family have already arrived, and now the Cheran family has come to visit him.

Own daughter’s condition

In the third promo, released today, Cheran’s daughter is walking in the Garden Area. At the time, he is being conditioned on Cheran not to talk to Losliya anymore. Daughter tells her father that she will not speak unless she speaks.

Joining in the mess

Cheran is going through the climax of the daughter’s condition. Betta daughter does not listen to the decision to protect her adopted daughter, she is like a burnt-out. The expectation of what Cheran is going to do has risen among fans.

When Vanitha’s children come into the house of Bigg Boss, Big Boss has performed the song ‘Vahadi Betha Point’.

No matter how many, if not a few, the church will not stand. Vanitha is one who completes the congregation. He is talking about something, bending over someone and doing something as if they were gathering something.

This trait is the main contingent for Bigg Boss. Because of that he has brought back the one who left.

Darshan is named after Vanitha at the Bigg Boss show. To suit him, people are now beginning to call him Vattichukuchi. If you search on social networks as Vaitikuchi, then the name of Vanitha is the answer. His name has become so popular.

In today’s 2nd promo of the Bigg Boss show, Vanitha’s two daughters come home. Big Boss is playing the song ‘Vaaadi Bethappulla’ in the movie Kana. Hearing this, Vanithavay falls down and laughs.

After a long break, the two daughters who saw their mother (Vanitha) jump in happiness. Vanitha also runs around as a baby girl. Then the housemates enjoy playing games with the girls, including eye-catching and running.

Great Bigg Boss On hearing the song ‘Vaaadi Bethappulla’, Vanithave smiled. Let the netizens leave, then. They are commenting on it. “Vaadhi Bethappulla … Potaru Baruiah Bigg Boss is a song”, he noted.

“Whoever wishes Vijayakumar to come and cheat,” he asked. The reason is that Vijayakumar and Vanitha have the same problems. Vijayakumar had lodged a complaint with the police against Vanitha claiming that her house had been invaded recently.

The Darshan Family

Darshan’s mother and younger sister were featured in the first promo. Then, in the new film, “I wake up everyday in the morning, I am a craft fairy mom”. Darshan goes off and hugs his mother. So today’s episode seems to be about emotional footage and semantics.

The hot talk of the internet is now the real talk that Lasallia’s dad talked about at Bigg Boss house. Losliya has been talking about her dad since the day Bigg Boss came home. He said his father looked like Cheran. He even started calling Seren as a father.

This is why people were eagerly waiting to see his father and family. His family had arrived at the Bigg Boss home yesterday. About ten years later, Losliya cried out in pleasure at seeing her father.

Anger by love

But his father was very angry at first. That’s because Laszlia’s love for Bigg Boss’s house with Gavin. Losliya talks to Kavin without saying anything, and her name has become a name on the Internet.

Losliya’s parents

No parent can accept the many talk of her daughter in various ways. It was beautifully expressed yesterday by Laslia’s parents. Especially the ones that Lasallia’s dad talked about were all natural at the same time.


Cheran was saddened by his close friends and relatives who had traveled from Canada to see their daughter. He said with pain, “If you speak badly to my face, then what is behind it?”

And he told Laslia, “I told you to go. What you were saying. Game Shonu himself. But what do you have to do now? I have brought you up.

No one should be deprived of dignity. . You’ve got to watch the splash. I am not a rich man. But now the family is very good. Wine is important in the town. Throw it all up and come on. Come on, just play the game, ”he said angrily.

Losliya, not expecting her father’s anger, hugged him and began to cry. His father, who was a bit angry, gently told his daughter about the humiliations that Laslia had suffered. Laslia’s mother also said that she was hoping to have Cheran.

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