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On the second day of the ‘home ghost my fear’ task continues to fire. Bigg Bosske Warning’s rematch broke out on the second day of yesterday’s episode of “Swimming Fool.”

Kicking them in the foot. Provide tasks correctly. Do not give them the same crazy tasks that tell us one by one. Don’t ever think Bigg Boss is right. Nuv is never right. If Big Boss is telling you to do these same fist tasks, you can increase your efficiency by one hundred percent. In that case, we also burn. Doing Emotional Drain is not Correct. Give tasks that have a little sense. My reaction was to miss out. When the task is clear. “Don’t give silly games.”

You’re ignoring me .. Punno

Nagarjuna and Ramya Krishna are also interested in the ‘Rahul-Bhoopala’ romance, along with members of the house, saying that there is somethin ‘something going on between Rarnavi and Rahul. In today’s episode of the same topic, there was an interesting discussion between the two.

What do you mean to me In a discussion like that, Purnavi said, ‘If everyone thinks something is going on between us .. I am a little far from you. What if you call me Shade? If you are annoyed, Rahul will be sidelined. I’m not sure how you react to it. I don’t understand what’s going on between us, ”said Rahul.

Rahul says that ..”Punno you ignore me .. You say that my first time in my life was my behavior. If Big Boss thinks of us, we are doing it. If you care about me, you really think there is something wrong. What is wrong with it. Can you tell me what love is between the two of us? Because of you, my Mind will be Karab, ‘said Rahul.

In the second game, who are the men, who are the demons

? Rahul gets a secret task to change 5 shirts with Mahesh .. Rahul struggles to change shirts with him.

Bigg Boss ‘A’ certified by me .. Mahesh Vitta

Big Boss made an ‘A’ certified film in the house with Mahesh Vitta, a little cheddar, to exchange shirts. Repeatedly playing the worst game on his shit. This is the auto .. this is not known in the game but the task seemed silly. I have four shirts tearing them down too. Big Boss. Maheshni likes to keep the shirts open.

Shoe polish punishment for Srimukhi, Punarvi and Mahesh

Bigg Boss announced that the fear of the ghost at home is over. Baba Bhaskar and Himajal gave good performance in this task. Big Boss has been declared the worst performer of the three, claiming that he has broken the norm by exposing task secrets.

As a punishment, the trio could not afford the luxury budget for Srimukhi, Punarvi and Mahesh. They were also given another extra task. More than one hundred shoes were given to each shoe to be polished to the full responsibility of the task. In addition, the rest of the household members were sentenced to clean their shoes.

Game How Do I Clean A Shoe? The irreversible revival

punished me .. Big Boss gave the worst task. Why do I need a shoe cleaner? Get me into the pool .. Get beatings and get punished now? No way .. do what you do.

What did you want me to do? Should I do this to torment me .. torture me? Don’t convert me to anyone. To do the tasks like mindless or original. I did not react in the pool as I did not get into the pool. Each has a policy. I will not suffer any punishment. I got here. The shoe is not meant to be polished. If I tell you what’s wrong, I’ll do it.

Why should I be responsible for giving the worst tasks. If I was down, I would be out of the house now. I don’t do this under any circumstances. If I play a game of blows and tears, how about the worst performance? But no matter how many people tried to convert her, there were no recurrences. Big Boss’s decision reversed that I would not polish the shoe unless I was prepared to leave the house.

Wear sandals? Big Boss?:

What if Mahesh makes a mistake and wipes out the baddies ? Mahesh Vitta became a fire. My shirts were torn. Send shirts in advance. What is sandalwood? Do you look so bad? If the shirts are torn I am a cheddy. Do we look like pythons? Untie all the clothes? Tasca for sandals wiping? Want to wash your badges tomorrow?

Come here to play the game, not to kill the mind. We are the ones who came to the auditions. Take the application and take us. Are we gonna chimp? Separate Coming on Application Separating Invitation Wash sandals. Do Cuddles Wash? Mahesh Witta, who co-founded Big Boss in One Range.

However, Sreemukhi had earlier warned that if she did not complete the tasks given by Bigg Boss, she would be directly nominated for elimination. Mahesh is backed by the Sivaji Jyoti Conventions and he reluctantly polishes the shoe. But do what the reunion does. Big Bossy dotted while Dont Care Eliminated.

Ravi, Mahesh and Varun are vying for the captain in tomorrow’s episode. And it remains to be seen who will become the captain of the three.

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