12-09-2019 Bigg Boss Telugu 3 12th September 2019 Maa Tv Show: Nagarjuna Written Episode Updates

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Bigg Boss as Nagarjuna’s host. 3. Comedy .. But audiences at the Bigg Bosss show are already getting leaked on social media about the highly anticipated elimination part and wild card entry. This is the third season of Bigg Bosss 3 to be completed in 11 weeks. This week’s elimination round featured Varun, Rahul and Mahesh. According to leaked information on social media every week, Mahesh Vitta is said to be eligible from the House. Last week it was reported that Mahesh Vitta will be eliminated from the house. But the reunion to the Lost is Eliminated from the House.

Talk has been heard that Mahesh Vitta’s departure from Big Boss House for the 11th week is high. It remains to be seen whether the original wild card entry will be available as Bigg Bosss 3 finally reaches the end.

Bigg Boss Telugu Season 3 reunion has finally come to mind about Rahul Cipliganj. Last week’s rematch was eliminated. After that, he is giving interviews to various TV channels and YouTube channels. This week, all the major questions about Bigg Boss as well as their association with Rahul Cipliganj are coming up. To this end, Rahul made interesting comments about Rahul. Rahul said he was shocked to learn of the craze outside of Cipliganj. Rahul was unaware of the craze. If Rahul knows this, he wants to play the game in the Bigg Boss house.

Bigg Boss Telugu Season 3 is coming to a close. Nagarjuna, the host of the event, announced that there would be double elimination. However, once again Fake Eliminate and Rahul Sipliganj .. Will he be eliminated this time too? Or not? That interest in the audience. However, in the upcoming season of Bigg Boss Telugu Season 3, Rahul has said that he wants to see Rahul Sipliganj as one of the pioneers.

Bigg Boss Telugu Season 3 has been revived in the latest Elimination. She makes a number of interesting comments on the outside of the Big House and many other things. The latest revival reveals how much he has affiliated with Singer Rahul in the Big House. While she was in the big house, news broke that she was in love with Rahul. However, she recently came out of the show and interviewed for a recent English Newspaper.

Talking about the rumors on social media that he is in love with Rahul .. ‘Rahul said that Rahul is a good friend to me. The show didn’t get much confrontation with him. This is why everyone thinks they are in love. There is a very close friendship between the two. But initially Rahul was told to stay away. However, talking about their friendship on the outside, it was very bad .. After that, they decided to take care of someone else. Altogether, a rematch from the house has opened up the suspicion of an affair with Rahul. And wait to see how Rahul reacts to this.

The Biggest Boss came to an end on the twelfth week, but the original ride did not arrive. The viewers claim that the show is not a good thing to look at unless it is a sleep. So far, nine people have left home and another is preparing to settle down. But as usual this time around there doesn’t seem to be much suspense in the elimination. Mahesh Bigg Boss alreadyNews has been circulating on social media that the house is going to leave. Social media propaganda seems to be coming true. The proverb “Mahesh” is literally true. He scratched their backs as he was with everyone. Chanting the chameleon, he changed colors. This made his real appearance a little distant to the members of the house. Mahesh, who is now mingling with everyone, eventually became lonely at home. However, Narada disguised himself.

Mahesh Babu Bhaskar and Srimukhi Fans are likely to cast their votes as Varun and Rahul are in the nomination round. But Mahesh.. Since she was known to have targeted Srimukhi, her fans were in a dilemma about whether to vote for him. His fans were also stuck in the same situation as he was not even close to Baba. The oscillation itself is over for the week. And if Mahesh’s votes are reduced by this count! In the past, Nag once eliminated Mahesh. But that’s part of the task! Talk about saying goodbye rather than just this time .. So this is the meaning of Mahesh even today. That is why there is a double elimination. He was on his way to come and have another with me. Is there double elimination as Mahesh says? Or is it time to say goodbye to Mahesh Bigg Boss? That’s what floated in today’s episode.


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