13-08-2019 Bigg Boss Tamil 3 13th August 2019 Vijay Tv Show: Written Episode Updates

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His ex-wife Kajal has made a comment about Sandy’s questioning of Vanitha at the Pikpas event. Vanitha, who has been a guest on the Biggbus show, has been fighting over the housemates and having fun. Thus the house of the Bigpas has become a battlefield. Abhirami was madly in love with Muken. Vanitha has changed the way she speaks and changes Muken to fight him.

Sandy as opposed to This caused a great deal of tension in the house of Pikpas today. These are revealed via the promos being released today. Sandy speaks against Vanitha in the third promo of the Bigpass show.

The Pikpas house, which had hitherto been a peace park, has once again become a riot. Vanitha is playing Muken and Abhirami as dice.

Sandy scolding Vanitha Sandy, what did you say yesterday? Nandi Perisakuringe, as Vanithavitm screams and moves.

Ex-wife comment For the first time, Sandy talks to Vanita, raising her voice. His ex-wife, Kajal, Apapa .. Support for Athena Sandy Bai Muken .. He took such a stand and was happy.

Something else plan Kajal has also tweeted about the promotion of Muken Chair. He has said, Ayyaayo .. Muken Batuta is a pet. Something else to say, the plan is to give a red card .. Pawampa posted this guy.

For the first time in the history of Bigg Boss, a miracle has taken place. After Vanitha Vijayakumar was kicked out of the Bigg Boss 3 home, viewers were upset. Many have said that they are not going to watch Bigg Boss anymore without Vanitha. When Bigg Boss hit the triangle love story between Gavin, Laslia, and Sakshi, the audience said that if there was a love affair, this love would end.

Vanitha When Vanitha was at Bigg Boss’s house, the audience scoffed that it was the Bajari. But after his departure, he lamented that the Bigg Boss show without him was a terrible sight. Bigg Boss, please bring us back Vanitha aka, the audience pleaded for nothing else.

Bigg Boss 3 When the Bigg Boss controversy erupted, the audience lamented that these comedy bees would be a problem if there was a sister. It is at this point that Bigg Boss decided to make the audience happy and invited Vanitha as the guest.

Sakshi In the first and second seasons of Bigg Boss, none of the contestants went back to the speed they went. Bigg Boss changed the rules for the viewer not for Vanitha. Viewers are delighted to see Vanitha come. The audience says that if Mira and Sakshi were present, the sister would have seen a hand and 2 others had escaped.

Celebrities Guests have been to the Bigg Boss house before. But that season’s ousted contestant did not immediately come as a guest. Bigg Boss has brought Vanitha aka not for us but for the DRP. They have been criticized on social media for being black.


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