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Based on the votes cast this week, Vanitha seems to be leaving the Bigg Boss house.

Vanitha Vijayakumar has changed her name to Bigg Boss Vanitha. Bigg Boss will not be afraid of Bigg Boss if he has been home since the beginning. He also blows up a small issue.

Because of this, Vanitha has many names, not only in the Bigg Boss house but also in the social circles.

Wildcard Vanitha was evicted from Bigg Boss house for the third straight week. But, in the next few weeks, he’s back on the Bigg Boss show. Originally reported as a special guest, later announced as a wild card entree.

The first week of the contest, Madhu and Abhi left two competitors out of the house. He’s playing that much. He was responsible for most of the problems at the Bigg Boss house until last week.

Even last week, Chaaran was crying and crying over her love for Darshan. He and his partner, Sakshi, came together to save Chaaran from Evixon. Kavin was expected to quit that week.

But, unexpectedly, Cheran evicted last week. But Bigg Boss, who sent him to the Secret Room, is now back in the Bigg Boss house. Vanitha, saddened by Cheran’s exit, wept bitterly. He then asked Bigg Boss to send him out next week.

As it is, Vanitha has been reading a lot this week. Vanitha has remained silent despite various issues in the Breeze Task. As he thinks the week of going out should not be a bad name among the people.

That is why she got so many things like lattu, but kept her mouth shut and kept quiet. But it is doubtful whether the next weeks will be interesting if Vanitha is eliminated. His fans are crying on the internet that Kammiya is driving Makita after the Ipti hurry.

The photo of the couple and the messages they share are going viral as his friend slaps Kavin while participating in the Pikpas event.

He met his friend Pradeep Antony at the Bigg Boss house. Then you are going to play so much game, your beliefs disappointment and hurt the two things I am going to do now.

You stared at the Jaisu Tite, the stage was beating me, and he blushed and gave one cheek. The housemates were shocked to see this.

Sympathetic drive

Following this, the Nattisans call Vijay TV’s Dramaathan to save Kavi. The drama is reportedly set to win Kavin’s sympathy.

In this case, photos of Kavin and his friend Pradeep Antony have gone viral on social networks. A message that Kavin wrote to his friend Pradeep Antony is also spreading as a target of friendship.

Kavin has started as Do Pradeep Antony. On that message, someone came looking for a nice house and stole my awesome sandals.

Panic Aadhava .. Unna Sakapala .. You came to give me a second option .. One of the new saruppa bought ta .. I gave you my sherupa Tiruppita .. Kavin ..! This message has been posted on November 24, 2018.

Sherin’s mother visits house of Bigg Boss and shocked housemates A family of three visited Pikpas yesterday. That means the Darshan family, the Cheran family and Vanitha’s daughters came. In this case, the family of three rivals still come inside the Bigg Boss house. Of the two promos airing from the morning, Kavin’s friend came first.

The Third Promo Following him was Sandy’s wife and daughter. In this case, the third promo of the Bigg Bosss show has now been released.

In it Sherin’s family comes into the Bigg Boss house. Sherin’s mother and another of her family have arrived at the Bigg Boss home.

Sherin’s mother hugged her daughter and kissed her. Happia then advises Losliya that everything is going well.

He goes to Sandy constantly, you give Sherin a lot of torcher, and I fight to go. Muken then hands over another man who came with him and goes inside.

Sherin’s mother, Dai Mukenu Wanamada, says Abhirami is scolded Then the whole housemates shout out to Owen.

It is Sherin I who is speaking afterwards, and my mother says that she is a different Evil. Abhirami, who was already at Bigg Boss’ house, was very bossy on Muken.

Those scenes were broadcast on the show. Sherin’s mother, who saw them all, today teased the Biggap’s house with mockery and mockery.

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