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When she finally got the wish .. It was also her husband’s arms that had no desire for happiness. There is something else that has made Rasha. The original mom was kinda fast .. The kisses were choked with hugs. The world has conquered the world of conquest. Vitika Sheru is the wife of those festivities .

Vitika became the house captain for the eighth week of Bigg Boss season 3. While there are many in the house, she is Captain Entra Babu. Whether she’s the captain or not .. Next exception is the exception. Another week smoothly. For the most part, Big Boss was behind the game and Varun struggled to captain his wife. Vitika is sitting on the back of Varun’s cozy .. Mahesh and Ravi fought hard and captained most of the wife.

In the eighth week, the captain of the house was given the task of ‘Weightlifting or flag getting old’ .. According to this task, their favorite horse should climb and flags. Who is the captain of the house who flags more flags. However, in this game not only the captains of the All Ready House, but the new ones. So .. So far, the new captain, who is a captain, the word to help. However, Mahesh, Ravi and Vithika were vying for the captaincy when Srimukhi and Revival were not interested in becoming captain. If Srivamukhi mounts Ravi on the back .. Sivajiotti Mahesh .. Vithikani Varun mounted on the back and the flags were tripped. However, Vithaka, who has more flags in the game, was named captain in the eighth week.

Vitika, captained by Varun .. Feel like conquering the world. The bridegroom, who made her the captain of the elevator, was overwhelmed with kisses. Just put it to my life .. I became the captain of Bigg Boss Season 3 and gave hugs to those who found it. He mocked the members of the house who played the game with him. “Hello .. ” Don’t be a captain.

There are now over 40 captains in Telugu combined for three seasons. But Vitika did not know whether she was the captain of the Bigg Boss house or the captain of the Indian team, but reacted to a range. She has been reunited with her tail. All The Best Vitika Since Her Desire Was Passed Through Her Husband’s Hands. Another two weeks and you have no elimination. Everything is Big Boss magic.

Kaushal Army. Bigg Boss is a well-known name on social media during Telugu Season 2. Kaushalini was the winner of this army. There is a case of Big Boss trembling at Kaushal’s army. If Kaushal is not declared the winner of the final season of Bigg Boss Telugu Season 2, there will be a lot of dharna, attacks and threats of suicide. However, Kaushal finally emerged victorious. Bigg Boss has been acting vigorously in season 3 of Bigg Boss Telugu. The Big Boss reality show is inviting audiences but their opinions are not preferred. In Bigg Boss Season 3, there are ads that do not phone a certain number if they stay in the Bigg Boss house. However, do you think those who got the most votes and the ones that got the fewest votes are elimination? The answer to this question is no.

Nowhere has it been announced that we are sending you out of the Bigg Boss House to get votes on the elimination so far. Contestants are eliminated every week or another. Neither the contenders nor the audience are aware of how many votes they received for the nomination. Do you think the Kaushal Army is doing this with the intention of once again putting pressure on them? There is doubt.

Bigg Boss Telugu Season 2 lasted from June 10 to September 30 last year. 18 celebrities participated in 112 day episodes. Kaushal was the winner. Geeta Madhuri was runner-up. Tanesh, Deepthi and Samrat finished third, fourth and fifth.

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