13-10-2019 Bigg Boss Telugu 3 13th October 2019 Star Maa Tv Show: Nagarjuna Written Episode Updates

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The Bigg Boss 3 show is going to be an end card in a few days. The debate began as to who was the winner of the Bigg Bosss. This was the 84th episode of the church. King Nagarjuna, who made a stylish entry on Saturday, made the episode very entertaining by giving interesting tasks to his family members. The first was shown on Friday’s Incident. Three of the 13 bottles of fizz were consumed by Baba Bhaskar, Ali and Varun in a task called Feel the Fizz. The game ended in a tie. Mizli said that the Fizz bottles in the swimming pool should be brought and drink, while Ali Reza drank one and drank a second while the end buzzer rang. Ali was the winner of the task. The troubles of Baba, Varun and Ali at the time seemed funny.

Vitika and Varun then had a romantic conversation in the swimming pool for a while. Vitika tried hard to pick up Varun and drop him into the pool. But that was not possible for her. Nagarjuna then gave the task to 8 members of the house, Treasure Hunt. 8 people are advised to hold 8 hidden objects in the house. This all involved the search for goods. Of them, however, Alirezane invented many things. 7 of the 8 items were found by members of the household and could not find one. Nagarjunay said that this is not what can be done. The item was taken by Baba Bhaskar. 8 Nagarjuna gave the title of meaning to each of the objects. This includes those who rely on others, most dangers, bouncers, jokers, gamers, hammers and weak ones. Nagarjuna says which one of them suits him. However, those who rely on others have chosen Mahesh as the weaker one, while Shivajyothi is the most talked about hammer. Baba Bhaskar chose Vitika as Most Danger. It is noteworthy that most of the titles in this process went to Vitika and Baba.

Another interesting task was given by Nagarjuna. Bigg Boss Prize Money Rs 50 Lakh Sreemukhi said that the money would be given to the seller, Varun promised to buy the house. Everyone said what they want to do with the prize money. King Nagarjuna asked him whether he was eligible to take Rs. 50 lakhs of his family members. Mahesh Vitta also explained why he is not eligible to name Srimukha. She plays everything like a game, and she doesn’t like her behavior. Rs. Srimukhi is not eligible to take 50 lakhs. Mahesh comments on Srimukhi. Criticized that he was targeting himself in every respect and changing everything in his favor. Every story in her favor, pretty neat. There was a little verbal battle between the two. But between them, Nagarjuna stepped up and put Pullstop there. Saturday’s episode overall was a bit comedy and a bit hot. Who will be leaving the house this week.

“Rahul Cipliganj is a good friend to me. The two of us are pure friendships. The news on social media that I am in love with Rahul is unreal. It is very sad to see someone talking about us outside, ”says Bigg Boss-3 Constant Revival. The revival of the Big Bass House speech was made exclusively with ‘Sakshi’ on Saturday. These two and a half months of family and friends are well missed. The wildcard entry says it will be happy to go again. Hopefully, the house will be a winner if one stays. No idea of ​​marriage. More features she shared ..

Eleven weeks no contact, no phone, no books, no TV, no family members. Bigg Boss expected to be in the top 5. Eliminated three weeks ago, with no votes, no word, or lack of awareness. The wildcard entry says it is ready to go again Bigg Boss – 3 Constant Recovery Maps. She recently left the house. He shared his experiences with Bigg Boss House and his friendship with fellow contestant Rahul Sipliganj. They are in her words.

I miss my family and friends very well for two and a half months. Vandeshava happily embraced everything. You are a strong constant. I think there might be a wildcard entry. I’ll be happy. If I get an entry at the end of three weeks, friends will be happy if I leave.

Title Winner If you have the title Winner. Suppose there was only one in the top 5. This is a life experience. 11 Weeks At 23 years old it is great to be with Mindset. Varun, I was laughing even when Vithika was nominated. Even though nominated, I am not angry. There is still friendship between the two. The friendship of the three remained strong until they were eliminated. Rahul’s sacrifice for me was hurtful.

Just recovering Two and a half months on the Bigg Boss show is a challenge. Date before coming out .. Ask what that day is. Forgot password while viewing phone. And then see the messages. Many messages have been received. I asked for a date and time before getting out. My body and mind have checked. There was a lot of support on Instagram. Varun, Vithika, Rahul and I are good friends. Three weeks after going into Bigbag House I was very embarrassed. It was a reserve. Slowly the confidence grew. I started behaving appropriately for my Mindset. Getting in touch with everyone. As a family, I have improved relationships with everyone. The three of them are well-connected. There are no books in it. No phones. There will be no TV. There will be no magazines. All you have to do is tell stories and think about tasks. There was no other spread.

Those three are in the top 5 Bigg Boss – 3 in the top 5 – I think Varun and Srimukhi are with Rahul. Because of the way these three behaved in the house, their gestures and movements were closely watched.

Read now, movies I was born and raised in tenalilo. I finished my studies in Hyderabad. Doing Psychology and Journalism at Willametry College. While studying, I got the chance to act in the movie ‘Uyyala..Jampala’. From there, my film Journey began. Bigg Bosss season 2 was not possible when our older sister was in America. Then came the opportunity in Bigg Boss – 3. Read my scenario now, on movies. No marriage idea. If I find someone I like, I can take it to the parents’ attention and convince them. If they are. They also like the relationship they saw. But the wedding is another five years.

Opportunities are coming I am currently acting in bicycle and short break movies. Arjun Reddy’s director got a chance. I love listening to stories. Currently focused on acting and studying.

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