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Actor Kamal Haasan praises Losliya’s father for being better than me as a father.

Losliya, who is in the Biggbus show, fell in love with fellow contestant Kavin. The two fell in love with each other.

In this case, the first Fresh Task Task was launched on Monday at the Bigg Boss home. In turn, the family of the rivals were brought home to the Bigg Boss

That way, last Wednesday, Losliya’s family arrived at Bigbas’ house. After ten years, Losliya’s father reacted angrily to her daughter’s lack of love.

The reason is his love for Losliya Kavin and the way he behaved at the Bigg Boss house. Then what did you tell Losliya? He asked furiously what he was doing and cried out to others to make fun of him.

But he was not angry with Kavin. Instead, the amp cried, you came to play, go play, watch the game, hug and advise.

In this case, the second promo of today’s show has been released. Talking about Losliya’s father, Kamal said, I liked the way Losliya’s father treated you. He didn’t show anger towards you. It was like watching a thriller.

He said he did better than what I would have done as a father. Housemates and Audience cheered by applauding Kamal’s speech.

Losliya’s Dad’s Behaving was also liked by the audience. It is noteworthy that his fans have also started the Army.

The first promo for today’s episode of Bigg Bosss has been released. Actor Kamal Haasan meets the contestants at the Bigg Boss house on Saturdays and Sundays weekly. Fans have been waiting for Kamal Haasan’s upcoming promo since this is Saturday. This is the first promo of the Bigg Bosss event. Kamal is the one who sits next to the audience.

He said that the family of those who are experiencing it daily to join with the admiration and criticism outside the rivalry inside the Bigg Bosss home are their family.

Then you took to the stage and you were entertained by your family. Cheran’s got a secret room. Kavin also got a room for a pub. Kamal says there are two kinds of rooms.

Kavin says that he understands that sir. This is the first promo that ends. In the first promo, it was revealed that Kamal will talk about the affair today as his friend Balar, who came to Pikpas’ house to meet Kavin yesterday, clapped.

Seeing this promo, the Nittisons Secret Room got her a good look. They have tweeted that the public has gotten ridiculed by the public.

The Nattisans have praised Seran for his father’s affection for Sherin. Cheran, who was evicted last week from the Bigg Bosss home, was taken to the Secret Room. Unaware of this, Laslia, Sherin and Vanita cried. In this case, Cheran came back to the Pikpas home last Wednesday. The housemates were really happy. Sherin’s remarks about his mother, Cheran, who came to Pikpas’ home yesterday, have made his Armians happy.

On top of this, Netizens praised Cheran for what he had to overcome and said he was a good father.

It is easy to fall in love with an unmarried woman, but it is not easy to forget the love of a forgotten father. Is there anything more Cheran could win? This is Nattison.

Sherin I am a little bit of a sarin ‘like a father .. But even if I did not say that .. It is a heartbreaking scene.

Of course, he’s a good dad. Above all, Sherin says that your actions show you that you are very sensible and practical.

Sherin’s mother cheran dad kalla swallow ..! More than anything else .. #KavinSpottersChongda .. !! This is Nettison.

Sherin is more worthy of fatherly affection and warmth than LaSalle. Laszlia says she doesn’t deserve to be a man’s daughter.

It is easy for all women to fall in love, but it is different for a woman to say nothing but to be a father, says Nettison.

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