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Bigg Boss House this week have some uprising. Bigg Boss defied orders. Mahesh and Srimukhi have given the worst performance in a task called ‘The fear of the devil in the house’. However, this was opposed by Mahesh and Purna. Finally Mahesh got down with Sivaji Jyoti. However, the revival is still betting. Finally, Varun Sandesh polished off the shoes with a bang. However, Bigg Boss showed up that he did not like these tasks.

However, it seems that Nagarjuna is serious. Netizens have been commenting on the band Baja Bharat for this weekend housemates. According to the latest released promo, Nag seems to be doing well. Serious warning seems to have given the housemates a go. And who wants to see what kind of class.

Bigg Boss, hosted by Nagarjuna, has been working with contraversies ever since. But audiences at the Bigg Bosss show have been getting leaked on social media about the much-anticipated elimination part and wild card entry. Is this all happening? Otherwise, the star is telling us that our organizers are giving these leaks .. All the speculations about Bigg Bosss on social media since the first week are coming out in advance of the Every Week elimination. Rumors have been circulating on social media that Shilpa Chakraborty, who had entered the house two weeks ago through a wild card in the process of elimination, is going to be elimination this week.

If the first week starts from Hema, then the elimination issue of Zafar, Tamanna, Rohini, Ashu Reddy and Ali Raza were leaked earlier. Recently, Shilpa Chakravarthy is reported to be getting elimination. Already it was clear that her elimination was almost guaranteed. However, Clarity has to wait a few more hours for this.

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