15-08-2019 Bigg Boss Tamil 3 15th August 2019 Vijay Tv Show: Written Episode Updates

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Today’s 3rd promo of the Bigg Boss show has revealed the extent of the news that Muken has slapped Vanitha. Vanitha has gone inside to riot between rivals in the Bigg Boss house. Target each one, causing trouble. Vanitha’s first target is Muken and Abhirami. We saw eye-to-eye with Abhirami, who had a problem with Muken.

Angry Sandy The housemates are all in the throes of Vanita due to successive problems. During the Muken affair, Vanitha showed anger at Sandy, who is always calm.

The wrath of Laslia In the first promo today, we saw that Laslia, who was always rumored to have her job, was angry with Vanitha. When Vanitha fights Darshan, Laslia interrupts him and tears him apart. I could feel something awaiting a riot today.

Mumben crying In this situation, the second promo featured scenes of Abhi and Muken tembi crying. Watching these scenes made us feel awful for Muken. So in today’s episode, it was revealed that there will be action and sentimental scenes.

3rd Promo But tonight’s episode seems to be full of comedy with the now-released 3rd promo. Muken, Darshan, Sandy and Gavin are singing together to recount the events of the past three days. So just like Badri flicked Vanitha in the movie style yesterday, the comedy scenes are still expected today.

Smiling Vanitha Muken’s song was also enjoyed by fellow housemates. The highlight of this is that Vanitha too laughs at Muken’s song. So, according to information released this morning, it is clear that Muken did not slap Vanitha. If that were the case, then the promo would surely have been featured. It is rumored that someone should have some Muken expectation. A promo like Muken Thambi crying for Abhirami has been released. Vanitha, who has re-entered the Bigg Boss house, is causing various chaos. The fire he ignited has now begun to burn. Two days ago, Abram and Muken fought to the extent of attacking each other. Thus the Big Boss house is a riot earth.

Alcohol Fight: Vanitha yesterday nicerly stirred wine. The men at the Bigg Boss house used to be women, and Gavin went to a bar fight with the others. And so again, it’s the Bigg Boss house. In the first promo released today, Vanitha pulls Darshan. Lazlia, who is still as bad as yesterday, is buying Vanita Left and Right. Seeing this, today’s episode seemed like it was going to be a battlefield.

But in the second promo, which has just been released, the scenarios have changed. Abhi and Muken sit at the prison door. Muken then cries, saying that he did not use any woman for his own self. Watching these scenes helps you understand Muken’s true character. Muken is a mongkopi. But very good. To this day, he has been working on his work. But Vanitha and others are deliberately doing things that provoke her anger.

Kamal hosted the Bigg Boss Contest last week. Then there were two types of crowns, good and bad. Not one person even put the crown on Muken. At that time Kamal looked at Mukhen and asked why one of you was not crowned. Muken replied that love is always orphaned. Yes, it is true that for Muken, love is always orphaned. He is used to longing for love and playing with others.


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