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Sandy wept bitterly over his mother-in-law’s talk on the Bigg Boss stage.

Last week’s family of contestants visited each other at the Bigg Boss home. The guests were flexible in every way. However, the disappointment of the competitors did not come as expected.

Talking about it yesterday, Kamal questioned the contestants as to who else they wanted to meet. Then every competitor said their expectation.

Vanitha, who had already been mourning for the past week, was sad to see her cry for expectation of her son yesterday. As Kamal put it, these are the expressions of his motherhood and longing, beyond all his fighting spirit.

Similarly, Sandy said that Machinichi had come in teasingly, laughed sir. If you think Sandy is telling the game, Big Boss is the one who actually staged his barbecue today. So too in-laws.

Speaking about Sandy in Kamal’s presence, her mother-in-law said: ‘Sandy has never been called a groom. He is a son to himself. ‘ He also said that he had bought the ‘Jayitu Pattu’. Sandy saw this on the TV and wept.

Watching this video being released in today’s promo, the prospect of Bigg Boss meeting their aspirations as other competitors said yesterday. Most importantly, many are interested in whether Vanita’s wish is fulfilled.

Despite spoiling her name so far, Big Boss has struggled with more continents than expected. So, before he leaves the house, the netizens are calling Big Boss to bring his son and fulfill his wish.

Actress Kajal Pasupathi has said that she has stopped watching Bigg Boss after the Lasallia Dad episode.

Actress Kajal Pasupathi is playing a role in Tamil cinema. His performance in films including Go and Honor was appreciated by all. He is also a Bigg Boss first season contender.

Kajal Pasupathi is the ex-wife of choreographer Sandy who is currently performing at Bigg Boss. He continued to tweet about the Bigg Boss show. This increased his payloads.

He posted a number of tweets, especially in support of Sandy. The netizens asked if he would like to join her again. He replied that he had no intention of doing so. He also answered Netisans’ questions about Bigg Boss.

He posted a number of tweets, especially in support of Sandy. The netizens asked if he would like to join her again. He replied that he had no intention of doing so. He also answered Netisans’ questions about Bigg Boss.

Kajal has not been commenting on Bigg Boss for the past few days. One fan asked why he didn’t tweet about Bigg Boss nowadays. In his post, he said, “The good news that you are getting is getting fewer likes and comments. .

In response, Kajal shocked her by saying she had stopped watching Bigg Boss. “Do you think I just tweeted about Bigg Boss for Lycus? Of course not.

Iā€™m not tweeting about Bigg Boss for Life. I stopped watching Bigg Boss after the LaSalle daddy episode. That is why no tweet was made ā€, he replied.

Kajal did not even watch footage of Sandy’s second wife and child inside the Bigg Boss house. Kajal, who has been criticizing the masses and grievances of the show as the Bigg Boss concert is nearing its end, has shocked fans by claiming that the show has suddenly stopped.

Many who have responded to Kajal’s account have stated that they have stopped watching Bigg Boss as well. They said they hated Bigg Boss because they were the only screaming scenes like Serial.

A video of actor Pradeep Antony talking about his love trick is being played by Kavin Bigg Boss at home.

Kavin is the romantic king of the Bigg Boss house. From the very first day of entry, the girl’s main task is to put the sea in the air.

Sakshi – Kavin – Losliya Triangle is the love story of this Bigg Boss season. Kavin’s name was completely spoiled.

The Prize Task was given at the Bigg Boss show last week. Bigg Boss was told to freeze the competitors and send their relatives inside. During this task, a number of corporate events took place.

The big highlight was Kavin’s friend slapping him. A close friend of the actor Pradeep has gone to see Kavin’s mother in jail. On his way out of the poem, he gave a room as Polar. It caused a huge stir.

Pradeep also told Kamal that he had done this to condemn Kavin. But in fact, Pradeep’s love of all the tricks that Kavin has done in the Bigg Boss house. This is the video that everyone says in the Bigg Boss house.

In the video, Pradeep is sitting on the sofa in the Bigg Boss house and talking to everyone. Kavin is next to him. Pradeep Antony says that Kavin used his love stardom then. “If I had come to contest the Bigg Boss house, I would have loved everybody, including Fatima Babu,” he says.

Hearing this, Cheran, Losliya and Vanitha are all shaka. Pradeep then tells Losliya to nominate Kavya. After checking this out, Nitisan Pradeep has been quietly treated. We thought Kavin was a great royal father. But even the four women are not in love with their own ideas.

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