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Not all movies are the same .. Not all Big Boss episodes are the same. If you are a little different and still very hot, that is the difference. Today’s episode is as well. Always on Saturdays and Sundays host Nagarjuna with an energetic song, stepping out with the models. occurrence. However, today’s episode is a bit different than what Mast would have if he had a routine script.

Varun was initially teased that the revival would be eliminated from the house. If I do not bother, Pata replied. Shilpa Chakravarty in Elimination .. Feeling at Ravi. If we get together, everyone is looking at him and suffer. As a part of the task, the tribe feels that Srimukhi’s finger had been bitten for fun.

Reno traibar cruise Carlo ..all seasons, the same as the big boss of the Detroit show sponsors raibarnu kantestentsto ad was designed to promote. Contestants split into two groups competing for the car.

Nagarjuna Serious Entry ..Everybody broke with Models Songs In today’s episode, Nagarjuna shocked everyone. Even though I am very serious .. Constants on the up to date. They had a lot to talk about and the Big Boss house was a shocking entry through our TV.

Nagarjuna who polished the shoe.. Nagarjuna gave a shocking look at his family members .. He started polishing his shoe. He looked polished and shoe polished.

‘I don’t polish my shoe on a regular basis. But that is why I am polishing today .. To say that no work is short. Depending on the work done, there will be no increase in the level of man. Depending on the style.

Mahesh get up and stand .. You have no auditions. Big Boss Invitational is yours. What’s the worst of these things? Do we need all this? Antunnav. Nothing here. Come on invitation? Your invitation is canceled. Big boss doors are opening. Now you can go. Decision Making Go now. “We are keeping you in the Bigg Boss house only for the task of becoming a convention,” said Nagarjuna.

Srimukhi .. Big Boss House? Bigg Boss?

Who is the Bigg Boss to Big Boss House? Not Bigg Boss .. But do you know what your game is? The slutty ass is coming and the messy ass is fucked. You can’t play unless you play the game. You’re not Big Bossy. If you do not like playing the game, then sideways. Please do not manipulate. “Don’t Lead to Stop the Game”

‘Guruwinda Ginja’ is a retelling

Nagarjuna started by asking Bigg Boss to mute her words for classification for reunion. Nagarjuna Started by Renaissance. Did you come to the camera and say anything before you spoke those words? Big Big Boss Answer. I don’t understand why you react so much. The way you spoke is not correct .. Why do you bother when everyone else plays. If you win here, you will win .. Audience will win.

Renewe .. You are like Guruvinda Ginja. The bottom appears black. Nagarjuna is now seriously playing the game ‘Warning’. Along with them, Shilpa, who had entered the wild card, was a classmate of Emperor Peekaru Nagarjuna.

World champion PV Sindhu at Bigg Boss house

She first Indian to become world champion in badminton, Sindhu entered the Bigg Boss with her mentor Gopichand.

Contestants were shocked to see PV Sindhu and Gopichand. Nagarjuna informed the Contestants that Sindhu was the World Champion. Sindhu has a lot of fun with the constants. I like everybody in the house. If Rahul sings the song, Baba Bhaskar will be seen dancing with Baba.

Himaja Safe in the Nominations.

In the eighth week nominations, Srimukhi, Mahesh, Himaja, Punarvi and Shilpa Chakraborty are among the five nominations. Who are the other four? Who’s going to be featured in tomorrow’s episode. Bigg Boss updates continue. More details on tomorrow’s episode.

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